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Subject breaking - another anti masonic zakk thread ... anyone wanna talk about it?
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Original Message Im trained to tell you, join the cult or die, and touch my face, giving you 'the sign' and tell you.. you are delusional, nothing is going on, no one is giving you signs ... at the same time, and sit there.

then , im trained to sing numbers and hours, minutes, seconds and more... just say the number 5 over and over and its 'CIA' .. say 5 HOURS and watch the response, going around saying the CIA is MAD is a threat... remember now, the CIA is wrong on purpose, thats what bad karma is... you die for what you already did.. out and clueless, stuck in the office... and whats the matter> did you lose your feet and get mad?

are you wearing a watch,a super alien fooler???? buhahaha you got no arms and have to fake it... go out in public, look around, everyone has attachments, and fakes and still says ..nothing is going on. thats freemasonry and thats the way it is.

are you a gangster , ark dependent??? buhahah do you'dance' it off ... go thru the wall and up , or thru the wall and down?? do you mock the TV and the aliens in it?? (which ones, which layer?)

do you have a candy clearance? (masonic top secret clearance) ... black with green and red ... go out and look at who is who in public... the ones with the green and red tats are 'top secret' clearance holders.... who 'keep the secret' , cuz they are lizards who cant talk .... ahhaha literally, egypt fucks them like that...

are you a redneck masonic, then you have a power ... over the other masons... cuz the aliens doing this ARE retarded.

are you trained to act around people? (me!) and say nothing is going on???! you know what that means, that means you lost and will die saying you didnt do anything and nothing was going on the whole time... (whups!)

dont get mad, did the president give you the sign??? are you mad the freemasons killed themselves in the ark theft?? and you are stuck in it... doomed and gone, locked out and sick...

but you dance it off right?


bring it on, I havent posted here for a while, and my over ten year fight still continues...

the police lost, the state police lost, the lawyers lost, the accountants lost, the currituck county government lost, and the secret service who said be jesus or die lost along with the military and more....

notice, no one has the balls to deal with anything real around me, cuz the paperwork for my company proved im telling the whole truth, like I did for over 10 years...

... now im trained to mock you, joke you and deny you to your face.... and thats freemasonry and thats the way it is...


why are you mad, you did it and deny anything is going on...

ohhhh you forgot you are the joke and the lie the whole time, not me....

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