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Subject ILLUMINATI, like any other members of a sect, are *** NOT *** corruptible
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Original Message March 20, 2013: Historical moment - Last Prophet reveals worldwide first the name of the leader of the illuminati.

Time to remember Last Prophet's words from 2009 using the swiss gigolo, updated with two more recent examples: "governments of PIGS" and leaders of the "Occupy" movement .
ILLUMINATI, like any other members of a sect, are NOT corruptible
A major misconception about illuminati members is that they are corruptible (1).

To understand an illuminati member, all you have is to understand Sgarbi, the swiss gigolo.
Sgarbi extorted millions from some of the richest women in the world after blackmailing them with hidden video cameras.
Yet he only kept for himself a very small fraction of that money, more precisely the fraction that the guru of his sect awarded him.(2)

Extreme examples: "Governments" of PIGS, greatest ever blackmailers
That is exactly what happens with the illuminati members currently extorting by far the largest sums: "governments" of "countries" that first reached the ultimate stage of being robbed: PIGS, particularly Portugal, at this point followed by Greece and Spain (3).

Every day these illuminati members transfer dozens of millions of euros to the central illuminati accounts.
How is it possible to have the populace digest every new "austerity" measure?
The brainwashed human cattle accepted to give up their own currency and have it printed by the illuminati central bank in Brussels.
Now the extortion is as simple as this: blackmail "otherwise there will be no money to pay wages in n months".

Yet these traitors are not corruptible. Again, they keep for themselves only whatever their illuminati guru decides.
Portugal's "prime-minister" Passos Coelho illustrates this: to market this actor as credible as possible in the role of "ruler" of a "poor nation", his role includes living not in a majestic oceanfront villa but in an apartment in Lisbon(4).
Ironically the very same actor who publicly assumes the responsability for the criminal transfer of dozens of millions of euros from Portugal to the central illuminati accounts each day ...
... plays the same "real life" role of the actors playing the role of jackpot "winners" of illuminati lotteries (5).

Talk of austerity, from robbery of PIGS to lifestyle of illuminati actors in the role of the greatest ever blackmailers or the greatest ever jackpot winners: the role of some illuminati members is to play real poverty: they dress almost like beggars.
Leaders of the "Occupy" movement illustrate this (6).

Ultimate example: ongoing detonation of fake suicide bomber "Hussein Obama II"
"Obama" is the ultimate example to what lengths an illuminati member will go, as he is ordered to play a role (7).
No wonder that as the moment when he must FULLY self-detonate nears, he also becomes one of the first illuminati members who can no longer control the tears (8).

[link to www.scam.com]
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