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Subject IN BETWEEN LIVES & OUT OF BODY ABDUCTIONS (Truman's past lives regression)
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Original Message (It's taken from a post of this thread and contains some typos but it's mind blowing from the start to the end.)
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!


February I , 1996
(Read the "Ra and Ptah" report before reading this report.)

IMPLANT: 1. To instill or inculcate firmly in the mind;
2. To insert or imbed in the body

From December 3, 1995, to January 7, 1996, I recovered the memories of several in-between lives incidents. In so
doing, I learned how I became trapped in the reincarnation cycle of Earth. Consequently, I discovered one of the most
guarded secrets about extra-terrestrial manipulation.
I didn't become trapped into the embodiment cycle on Earth until 12,389 years ago. Before this time I was a free
being. By "free being" I mean that I was a spiritual being who was not yet trapped into a compulsive, involuntary
reincarnation cycle. I was free to be in a body or not be in body by my own choice. I could be in a body without being "stuck" in a body. I spent most of my time just being a free being without being in a body at all. There were times, however, when I was temporarily placed in a body at implant stations. In these cases I would eventually get free
of the body and continue on my merry way as a free being. As you will see, the difference here on Earth is that there is
a SYSTEM to create amnesia and keep a being trapped in a seemingly endless, revolving door CYCLE of re-embodiments.
Free beings are invisible to the naked eye. However, they can create and project a visible form or energy, which
can be seen by the naked eye. This sometimes occurs in the "ghost" phenomenon. It is not difficult to locate the
position of a "ghost" (Le. a being without a body) in a room, and one can even communicate with it. I have personally experienced this phenomenon. Cats--as you may already have observed-are very good at spotting beings.
Before I became trapped on Earth I had been hanging around this area for thousands of years, having interactions
with beings in bodies, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. For example, one day I was hanging around Atlantis when I spotted a young man and woman lying in the grass overlooking the ocean. I threw them together, causing them to engage in sexual intercourse. I went into both bodies simultaneously, experiencing the pleasures of sex as a third party, even though I had no body of my own.
Of course, this was the wrong thing for me to do, but I also mention it here to illustrate that free beings are not
always the most ethical beings. Activities like this tend to give free beings a bad name. Sometimes free beings will
touch a body and kill it. Therefore, free beings incite beings in bodies to invent electronic methods to trap free beings, so that they are not so much of a nuisance. Consequently, there has been a long-term battle between free beings and beings in bodies. I should also note that originally we were all free beings before we became trapped in the physical universe. Therefore, life has been sliding down a slippery slope over a very, very long time period.
When one engages in extensive past life therapy, one will uncover many different types of implant stations. These
are spirit traps that are designed to trick a free being and then force the being into a body. The common denominator of
these experiences is electronics. There are many different types of high-tech electronic methods to accomplish this; it
appears that electromagnetics plays a key role in this process. What I find amazing is that beings without bodies can be effectively controlled with electronics. As incredible as this sounds, this phenomenon is indeed common, and anyone can contact many such experiences in the past.
In fact, we all have experienced both sides of the equation. That is, we have all been victims of these implanting techniques, and we have also been the victimizers. In spite of some people's "holier than thou" attitude, we have all had a checkered past.
For example, on December 3, 1995 I uncovered an incident that started out with me as a free being in space. I
became interested in a very large, disk-shaped craft, so I entered it. I was then pushed by an electronic force field into a small confinement area near the edge of the inside of the craft. I was then "sucked" into a body via some type of
electronic tractor beam. Then I was anchored in the body through a series of electronic wave pulses that felt like very intense electric shocks. It overwhelmed me and then just beat me into the head of this body.

Two tall beings with skinny arms, legs, and necks and enlarged craniums approached the implanting device. One of
the beings said (telepathically): "You're one of us now. " These two beings then escorted me and my new body to a
control tower in the center of this craft. The craft was open on the inside with no dividing walls and was the size of a football stadium (except that it was circular). The two beings then instructed me how to operate the instruments in the control room to entrap other beings into bodies. I then became an implanter right after having become an implantee.
In another incident I was traveling around the universe with a friend who was also a free being. This was really
fun, because it was like being on vacation all the time and seeing new and interesting things. And the nice thing about
being cosmic tourists was that we didn't have to have money, food, lodging, etc., and we didn't have to be home at any
certain time.
We came upon an implant station on a planet, which captured my interest. A naked man sat in a chair between four
posts. Several naked women were sexually stimulating the male body. My good friend, sensing the imminent danger,
cautioned me not to approach this place. Unfortunately, I disregarded his warning and entered the male body to
experience the sexual encounter. At this point someone turned the juice on (electronics) and anchored me into the male body. As I later discovered in my past life research, sex has long been used as a method to entice free beings into bodies.
In a more recent incident as a free being in the Earth area, I was working for an ET group-I believe their name was
something like the "Theolosians" or "Thelosians. " I was working out of a large disk-shaped craft above Earth. It was
my job to go out and bring in beings to be implanted in bodies.
In this incident I found a disk-shaped Grays ship, and the occupants of the craft had just abducted a human being off
of Earth. The human was lying on the examination table, and tall Grays stood on both sides of the table working on the
abductee. I entered the craft and observed their activities.
Surprisingly, I found that their equipment and abduction procedures were exactly the same then as they are now.
Since this incident took place about 15,290 years ago, this indicates to me that they have the ability to time travel. I do not believe that their methods, technology, and activities would remain unchanged over a 15,000 year time span.
As the Grays busily occupied themselves with this abductee, I circled around to the back of the head of the tall Gray that was standing next to the table (on the abductee's left side). I entered the Grays head and then latched onto the being and pulled the being out of its head. I then took this being over to the Thelosian ship where a body was waiting to be implanted with a being.
This humanoid body was short and stocky and was strapped into a chair. I placed the being inside the head of this
body and then backed away from the chair. I was able to hold the being in the body even though I was more than thirty
feet away from it. Someone turned the juice on the electronic chair and anchored this being into the body.
As I re-experienced this incident I felt remorse for having trapped this Gray in another body against its will. As much as I despise Grays, this is not something that I am willing to experience myself.
This incident also demonstrated that at this point in my existence, I had more abilities without a body than with one. When I pulled this being out of its Gray body, it demonstrated that I was more powerful as a being than it was. When I held onto that being as he was being electronized into its new body, it was like I had a very long, invisible arm. Of course, I have since lost these abilities. However, I do believe that we have the potential for recovering our inherent abilities as powerful spiritual beings.
This incident may also indicate why I am an abductee, a "Chosen One. " Initially, I was a problem for the Grays.
Therefore, they may have targeted me for entrapment and disempowerment to keep me from interfering with their
activities here on Earth. So now the Grays are a problem for me.

December 6, 1995 Memory Recovery Session:

12,389 years ago I was out in space-as a free being-and looking down at Earth. I didn't notice that a very large,
black, spherical implant station was approaching me, because my attention was focused on the planet. An invisible,
electronic tractor beam locked onto me and began pulling me into a circular, concave structure on the implant station.
The extreme power of this tractor overwhelmed me and made me feel awful. In spite of my abilities as a free being, I couldn't fight free. I was pulled into the entrance, which was a tunnel in the center of the concave surface. I was then accelerated down this long, curved tunnel toward the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. (My colloquialism for this type of implant station is a "soul sucker. ")
After being totally overwhelmed by this energy beam and pulled through this tunnel, I began to feel very lethargic.
I then found myself in an implanting room, being compressed into a female body by a powerful, WHITE LIGHT energy
beam that beat me into a body. This energy beam was so irritating that I felt like screaming. I began to try to fight back with the body. That's when they knew that the implantation was finished--because I was using MY BODY to fight back.
Two tall insectoid beings that looked like praying mantises then escorted me to another part of the implant station. I was now in a very large, WHITE LIGHT room. I milled around aimlessly amongst other human bodies in this dense, fog-like LIGHT. Through telepathic hypnosis I hear a very soothing, hypnotic voice whispering in my head: "Sleep.
Don't worry. We'll take care of you. Don't remember. You have no past. You will not need to remember your past.
Be here now. No more thoughts of the past. Forget the past. Move forward into a new life. You will begin a new
life in the LIGHT. "
After I was thoroughly inculcated in this WHITE LIGHT amnesia room, two insectoids approached me and told me
that I was ready to begin my new life. They escorted me into another large, open area of the implant station, which was
a hangar containing many flying disks. They walked me across the hangar and up the ramp of one of the flying saucers.
I got a big surprise in this session when I saw what the inside of this ship looked like-It was a carbon copy of Ra' s ship, the eye of Ra! The only difference was that this ship didn't have a throne in it.
The insectoids then flew me down to Atlantis in this craft. When we landed, I walked down the ramp and into the
WHITE LIGHT amnesia fog outside the craft. Apparently, ETs can create this "fog" outdoors as well as indoors. One
of the praying mantis guys told me that I won't remember anything and that I'll start my new life now. Then they took
off and left me alone in the hills overlooking the ocean.
I began walking inland. Eventually, some Atlanteans found me and decided that I'd make a good sacrifice. I ended
up in a temple lying on a stone sarcophagus. They cut my chest open with a large knife, drank my blood, and ate my
heart. This was the same Brothers of the Snake initiation that I experienced in Egypt over 9 ,000 years later!
I then left my body and reported in at the same implant station. I then bounced back to Atlantis and entered the
womb of a mother who was giving birth to a baby girl. This time they did not implant me into a body on the implant
station. Instead, they simply programmed me to go back to Atlantis and enter a baby's body during birth.
I spent the rest of my life in this house. The house in which I was born had a beautiful view above the cliffs
overlooking the ocean. I grew up in this house and continued living there even after my parents died. I died in this
house and then reported in again to the same implant station.
On December 5, 1995 I uncovered another in-between lives incident that demonstrated a slightly different type of
implantation technique. I have included the entire transcript of this session here. My wife guided me through
this incident four times. You will notice that new details surface each time I run through the incident. Researchers who are familiar with hypnotic techniques may notice some of the differences between the techniques that we use and
standard hypnotic procedures.

December 5, 1995 Memory Recovery Session:

"Recall the last session. "
"That was when I was put in a body. " (This was the December 3rd session described above.)
"Scan the last incident. "
"I was trained to trap beings in bodies, but I didn't recall any specific incident of putting beings in bodies.
It's amazing how they can compress beings into a very small head. "
"Did we get everything from that incident? "
"Yes. "
"Return to an earlier, similar incident. "
"There's something there-a queasiness in my stomach and that leg jerk in my right leg. This involves an alien,
a bug-like one, a praying mantis-like alien. I have the impression of a voice, possibly programming. Something
flashed in my head. I'm just going on impressions. I saw that foggy LIGHT. I hear a voice say 'Go to the LIGHT, ' and I go to the LIGHT. It feels like I'm in a big room. For some reason I popped back to my school days in at the gymnasium there; I don't know Why. " (In retrospect, I believe this occurred because the WHITE LIGHT room in this incident reminded me of a big gymnasium.) "This sounds so absurd, but I'll go ahead and tell you. I have the impression of being put in a body and into a capsule and being sent down to a
planet in this capsule. There's that terrible feeling in my body like something terrible's happening to me. This
praying mantis-like being over me. It's right before I'm put into this capsule. It seems like this thing lands in
the water by a beach, a tropical area. I think I'm totally naked. "
"Start at the beginning of this incident and see if you can pick up more details. "
"I'm not going to the beginning-about the middle of the incident. The phrase "Go to the LIGHT. " It's an
implant station. I see a big round sphere, like a space station maybe. "
"What happens next? "
"The insect guy. I think right before that, I'm in an area that feels like a round room, and there's this intense,
WHlTE, blinding LIGHT coming from the walls. " (The room that I was in was a sphere with a diameter of
about twelve feet. The walls of the inside of this sphere were radiating this bright, WHITE LIGHT force field.)
"There's a struggle to counteract the force of the LIGHT that's 360 degrees (around me), that's forcing me into
this body. I feel it in my body-not just my head-in my torso. They're not just compressing me into a head. Oh
man, don't go to the LIGHT. This sphere opens on one end, making a vesica pisces. It's interesting how that ties in."
[The vesica piscis shape is formed by the intersection of two circles. It looks like a typical flying disk standing
on its edge or the vertical slits in the eyes of cats and snakes. It is the same shape as the Christian fish
symbol for Jesus, only without the 'fins. It was also an ancient fertility symbol representing the vulva.]
MI walk out (through the vesica pisces opening in the sphere). I'm in my body. I'm naked. I'm in a big--high
ceiling-big area. It seems rather circular all throughout implant station. I feel like I'm beamed up into another
room high above it. It's the room where they lay you down on a table. It's a control room. It's not a box-type
room. It's weird. These beings, I don't believe, are Grays. They have long, thin legs like an insect. They
communicate telepathically. I lie on the table. They do something to me here, like high voltage or something. I
think this process is they're anchoring me into my head. M
"What kind of a body do you have?M
"It's male. It's hairy, with a caucasian skin. The thing that pops into my mind: that these beings are
'ancients. ' I saw that in a TV show, but it's like a knowingness that they're ancients. Down by my feet is a
cocoon-shaped capsule. The conveyor slides me into it, and the top is put on. I'm shut in this capsule and shot
onto this planet. I think it's Earth. "
"When is this?"
"I don't know. It (the capsule) lands in the sea by an island on the shore of a sandy beach. I'm not sure of the
time at all. "
"Return to the beginning of the incident. "
" Okay. I'm going into a big, huge sphere, space station. I'm going through a tunnel of LIGHT. At the end of
the tunnel is this room-and a body--with intense LIGHT & power that just presses and pushes on me, forces me
into this body. I can feel the body now, as it (the force field) pushes me in. It's caucasian, naked, male. "
[At this point I compare my present body and genitalia with the body that I'm being forced into in this incident.]
"Then this vesica piscis thing opens up. I walk out a ways. It's starting to make sense: It's programming you to
be an infant and go out the birth canal."
[I had just realized that they designed this elaborate entrapment scheme to parallel the natural birth process where one is pushed out through a tunnel (birth canal) towards the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and through the
vesica piscis opening (vulva).]
"There' s a huge, vast area of the ship, huge, high ceiling, the wall goes up. " (The implanting sphere was located
in this very large room.) "A beam comes down from the ceiling, well over a hundred yards up. I'm floated up
the beam into this room. They guide me along (telepathically): 'Walk this way. please. Lie on the table,
please. ' They're polite. I lie on this metal table. There's power surges here again. It concentrates me into the
head of the body. They have praying mantis looks. Long necks. When I try to look at its face, my head hurts.
I feel really sad.
"Why do you feel sad?"
"Because they put me in a body. They tricked me. They put me in a capsule and shoot it out of the . . . uh, shoot
it out to a planet. It lands in an ocean by a beach. It opens up, and I go out. It's tropical and warm. "
"Give me a flash answer--When is this?"
"Something like five thousand years ago. It's the first thing that comes to mind. Warm weather. A lot of
food. That's where I live. Fifteen thousand or five thousand--I'm not sure. I wonder if I was a free being. "
(Sometimes two or more dates can appear simultaneously if there are other similar incidents that have been
triggered. )
"Give me a flash answer-What planet is this?"
"Earth. "
"Return to the beginning of the incident. "
" I think the beginning is when I died. It's a battle with swords. I think a sword goes right through me, in my
abdomen. I hear this ('Go to the LIGHT')-I'm out of my body--I don't know if somebody communicates this to
me or what, but I'm going to the LIGHT, a tunnel of LIGHT, very fast. This LIGHT goes to this implant station
that's just huge. Reminds me of a small planet or moon. It's just really huge. At the end of the tunnel of
LIGHT in this room with glowing WHITE LIGHT, there's a body in the middle of the room. The LIGHT just pushes me into the body. There's some pressure in my head. The sphere opens up making a doorway that I walk out of (the vesica piscis-shaped opening). I walk out into the middle of the room. I walk and I float up to this room where these 'ancients' are, the praying mantis guys. I'm a white male. I go over to the capsule. It opens up. One side of the room kind of zigzags and goes up-a control panel-a 'star Trek' type of thing. In the capsule they give me an electric shock. It further anchors me in my body and specifically the head. The mantis
guy gives me a telepathic command to be in my head. They do some other stuff to drive me into my head intense
'machine-gun, ' like a pneumatic hammer. Drives you into your head. When he finishes with that, the capsule comes together. It's not smooth (on the outside), it's molded, it's got indented sections. They shoot this capsule down to this planet--Earth. It lands in the ocean. I get out on the beach. It seems like they retrieve these capsules after they land. It seem like the battle I was in was in the Middle East. I think it was five thousand and some years ago."
"Do you think you got everything out of this incident?"
"5,349 years ago. Don't go to the LIGHT. I was right about that. That makes sense--the Serpent Staff group.
The New Age LIGHT. It's part of the trap. "
"Is it okay to leave this incident?"

On December 9, 1995 , J gave me a session in which I covered several similar incidents of going in and out of
bodies on this planet. I came to this solar system as a free being 55,539 years ago. I entered a spacecraft that was
headed for Earth. I entered the body of the mission leader, a powerful and self-determined woman. She had a gorgeous
body with the build of an athlete. I was not programmed to enter her body--I entered of my own free will. I then
covered another free will incident 25,329 years ago where I again entered a woman's body on Earth.
The following incidents occurred after I became stuck in the programmed re-embodiment cycle on Earth. I
uncovered more significant data regarding extra-terrestrial manipulation, so I have included most of the transcript of this session.

December 9, 1995 Memory Recovery Session:

"Recall a similar incident. "
"I have this pain that started yesterday on the right side of my spine. I'm in a body. A spear or something is
rammed into me from the back. Male body. I have a beard. This is Earth. It feels like my hands are tied with
rope up on a scaffolding. I'm being punished. Then I go out of the body up to an implant station. It's the same
type of 'into the LIGHT' where you mill around (WHITE LIGHT room). Then I'm sent down to Babylon into a
baby's body. I went into the (man's) body while it was being tortured--or maybe 1 was being 'put' in. "
(I couldn't contact any of this man's memories, so I knew I had not lived his life.) "There's this scaffolding with
ropes that tie onto the legs and arms. I'm viewing this from the back of the guy, then 1 go into the body.
Something to do with an implant station, the same type of implant station. Apparently, I'm just sent down to this
body while it's being tortured or punished. There was a spear being shoved through the back near the right
shoulder blade. Then I go up to the implant station--back and forth. "
"Give me a flash answer-When was this?"
"5,619 years ago. Then I went up to the station to be born into a male baby born in Babylon. I get a feeling it
wasn't too bad of a life there. "
"Recall a similar incident. "
"Something about the American continent, the other side of the planet (from Babylon). I'm going into an
Indian in what's now Florida. 1 had a cognition this is what walk-ins are-they're 'put-ins. ' They're given
instructions to take over a body. " (This realization had more to do with the previous incident than this one.) "I
have a boat. There's alligators. 1 started out that life at birth in a hut made out of moss and mud. "
"When was this?"
"The first number that comes to mind is 625 year ago. I guess that makes sense. "
"Recall a similar incident. "
"I'm coming into this body (my present body). Coming down-I'm not sure how 1 got here--coming down in
Spokane, seeing Sacred Heart hospital from up above. I'm getting in the body inside my mother and being
pushed out. I'm trying to figure out where I came from before that. I died in 1945 and went up to the implant
station. It seems I always report in to the same one. The tunnel of LIGHT. I went into the room where the
people are milling around. 1 went into the back of the head of one of the people. I'm being programmed: 'Be in
the LIGHT. Always return to the LIGHT. Safe refuge. No fear. ' I can see why people are drawn to it. It's
like taking a vacation, milling around in the WHITE LIGHT. There's no pain there. You're being programmed
to be a sheep. You aren't exposed to stuff. There are other parts of the ship where you are rammed into bodies
with force beams. "

I uncovered one more incident in this session. I discovered that I had lived a short lifetime between 1945 and 1949. When I died in 1945 , I went out to the implant station and then came right back to Earth. Although J didn't ask me where I was born, I believe it was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I lived with my mother and father in an apartment above a busy street. At age four I rushed out into a street and was hit by a car. I then left my body and reported in to my usual implant station and bounced back down to Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane where I entered my present body in 1949.

I had previously covered my birth this lifetime in a session in 1983. I remembered vividly what the hospital looked like before I entered it from above. However, I hadn't remembered how I got to the hospital. In 1986 I was in Sacred Hospital, and I was confused because it didn't look like the same building that I remembered going into in 1949. I found out that the building had been drastically remodeled, so I asked to see some of the old pictures of what it used to look like. When I saw the picture of what the hospital looked like in 1949, I was very surprised to find that the picture showed the very same building that I had seen before I entered my present body. In fact, this photograph showed the east side of the hospital, which was the same side that I had viewed it from, but only from a higher vantage point.
On January 7, 1996 I found that I needed to address my death as Ramesses II. I am including all of J notes
on this session. because I had some very big realizations. In fact, at one point I began verbalizing my realizations so
rapidly that J couldn't keep up with me. Consequently, she was unable to write it all down. Therefore, I have
parenthetically expressed these cognitions in the following transcript:

January 7, 1996 Memory Recovery Session

"3,219 years ago was when I died (as Ramesses m. There was an incident. I'm lying in the bed, dying."
"Run that incident, please."
"I'm an old man, and there's servants coming in and paying homage to me, the Son of Ra." I don't have any
fear of dying, because I believe that I am immortal. Even my body will be renewed when I go to live with the Gods. I died of just old age. I'm old."
"How old are you?"
"Eighty-nine is just the number that really pops out there. It must have been all that good sex. My body dies,
and I go out. I go to the implant station, down the tube or tunnel. It appears the tunnel is curved. I'm in a
WHlTE LIGHT now. It seems like I'm being put into a body again. I'm in another body again."
"What kind of body is it?"
"A male body."
"Yes. I'm taken to the WHITE LIGHT room again with all the bodies milling around. This is 3,219 years
ago. They program 'PEACE and REST.' The idea here is to create a place that is enjoyable to be in. 'GOD
LOVES YOU. YOU ARE LOVED'-like whisperings in my mind, soothing. 'JOY and LOVE.' I can ALWAYS RETURN TO THE LIGHT. BE IN PEACE.' The insect guys take me out of the LIGHT room. It seems like the same implant station I always go to or an identical one, because it looks like the same one. I go
into an 'eye.' I walk u p the ramp of the 'eye.' I'm inside. I feel like I'm naked. I sit down on the ... It's the
same type of ship as Ra's. I sit on the circular bleachers that go up. I'm on a different side of the room (than
the Atlantis incident). I'm sitting here in the saucer, in the 'eye.' I'm in this new body. I'm in an 'eye.'
The saucer lands somewhere. I walk down the ramp. It's a bright, sunny day-warm day. It appears I'm in a
sandy desert. It appears I'm back in Egypt again. It appears that the ship landed by the pyramids, the Giza Plateau."
"In this new body, do you have any sense of your last lifetime? Do you recall it?"
"Yes and no. It all looks very familiar to me. I'm naked, so somebody comes and puts a robe on me."
"Are you in an adult body?"
Does the person who brings you the robe speak to you?"
"There's more than one person. It's like I'm greeted. I get the feeling that I walk into some kind of high
position. I get the impression I'm kind of like a teacher now. I feel like I'm a high priest, not the pharaoh. I'm
still serving the Gods. I'm instructing the people with the belief system of (physical) immortality. It's hard for
me to admit this, but it's true in a sense. I just left on old body and was given a new body. I feel an uneasiness
about this. It's like I'm a little drugged. I'm really restimulated by this-a little spinny." (By "restimulated" I
meant that something had triggered something in the unconscious part of my mind, and it was uncomfortable.)
"Return to the beginning of the incident."
"3,219 years ago I'm the pharaoh of Egypt. I'm dying, and everybody seems to know that. I don't feel bad
about dying. I'm looking forward to immortality with the Gods, the belief system that we're taught. I'm dying
of old age. I leave my body and pulled into a tunnel of LIGHT. It just pulls you like a force you can't resist."
(It's like a soul-sucking tractor beam.) "It just sucks you in. It's almost the exact parallel to when I was first put
in a body (12,389 years ago in the Atlantis incident where I was sacrificed.) There's a sphere about twelve feet in
diameter (the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel). The walls of this device are glowing with a WHITE LIGHT.
There's a male body in the middle of this sphere. I'm being squeezed into the body. It's very confining. I step
out into this big room. Two beings ... I'm not sure what kind of beings these are."
"Can you look at them?"
"At first I thought they were LIGHT BEINGS. These are the praying mantis guys! They take me into the WHITE, misty LIGHT. I'm being programmed: 'PEACE, REST-soothing whispering in my mind. The words: 'GOD LOVES YOU. PEACE IN THE LIGHT. ' I'm being programmed that I'm with GOD now.
'ALWAYS RETURN TO THE LIGHT. ' I can see why people think going to the LIGHT is good, because it FEELS good. 'I WILL BEGIN A NEW LIFE NOW. THE OLD IS PASSED AWAY. YOU'LL BE SAFE IN THE LIGHT. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME TO THE LIGHT. ' You feel like you're really loved, and you're really special. " (When I said 'really loved' and 'really special, ' I said it in a soothing, but sarcastic tone. Their programming is very sweet, but very insincere and phony. I have observed the same kind of syrupy sweet, deceitful rhetoric from the channeled Pleiadians.) "So I'm taken out (of the big WHITE LIGHT room). I get the impression that they are LIGHT BEINGS, but they're not! "
"What is a LIGHT BEING?"
"A body that is just LIGHT. But it's not. They're the insect guys! I go to the hangar where the 'eyes' are. I sit down in the saucer. · (Apparently, the insectoids were using telepathic hypnosis to create the illusion that they
were light beings.)
"Are you the only one?"
"Yes, except there's someone flying it. I just sit there for awhile. They're taking me somewhere. It's bright
outside when I get out. I'm naked. There's a greeting party there. I'm telepathically told to go down the ramp.
It's really bright outside. · (I assumed that I was flown down to the planet by a praying mantis guy. Whoever did
pilot the craft remained out of sight in the pilot's cabin. No ETs made a public appearance in front of the
greeting party. )
"When you are greeted b y these people, do they say anything to you?"
"Not direct. They ' re treating me like a holy person or something. They help me into a robe and sandals or
footwear, and some kind of a head gear, tall. "
" Are there any buildings around you-a town or something?"
"We're out in the Giza plateau. I ride in this guy's chariot. We're heading east toward the Nile. Apparently,
now I'm part of the priesthood. One of my sons is pharaoh. The big pyramid at Giza has been a big part of my
life and also as a priest. We continue the rituals in the Great Pyramid. It's continuous. I help perpetuate this the
drinking of blood. I don't think there ever was a capstone on the top of the pyramid. As far as my lifetimes
in this period-Ramses the second and the following lifetime as a holy man-the best I can translate it is that I
came out of the eye of the Gods, and so I was worshipped. "
"What is your name as the priest?"
"Part of my name is Amen. " (I tried to pronounce my name as it was pronounced in Egypt then, but couldn't quite get it.) "In the Egyptian language it sounds like nonsense syllables. It's easier for me to contact what it meant. "
"What did it mean?"
"Holy man from God. But just 'holy man' is the main meaning. It sounds strange, but I almost feel like a Jesus figure. This is like the same type of being-You come from the Gods; you're a teacher. There's a feeling of 'holiness' about me. It's strange. I get the feeling that I channeled. I was programmed, and part of that programming was receiving messages from ETs (via channeling) to keep the religion going. I think this is what Jesus was-like a high priest. This was over 1200 years before that time. It's funny how back then, they landed their saucers in front of everybody. In that lifetime I became the high priest. They took care of me for awhile-a pope-that sort of thing.
"How much time passed between your death as Ramses and your return as priest?"
"Just a few hours. It seems like a few hours. I'm not sure of who I was. It doesn't seem like I knew, when I
got out of the saucer, who I was. I don't know what the people were told who I was. They were nice to me and
took care of me and fed me. Between the programming and channeling I was a messenger of God, a holy man of
all the Gods. I didn't just represent one God. I continued the rituals of the Brotherhood of the Snake. I was the
one that initiated my own son, the Pharaoh, in the Brotherhood of the Snake. This all occurred 3,219 years ago.
I'm sure of it. "

The realization that I had during this session, which J had not written in the session notes, concerned the ET
technology of anchoring spirits into bodies. I came to this realization when I was re-experiencing being put into a male
body in the sphere at the end of the tunnel.
It appears that electromagnetics plays a key role in this procedure. I suddenly realized that they were using the
nervous system of the body-including the brain, of course-to implant beings into bodies. The nerves transmit electrical
charges, which creates electromagnetic fields around the body. The chakras are simply nerve networks, which create
electromagnetic fields. (This, however, may be an oversimplification of the phenomenon.)
In the Serpent religions-especially the eastern religious practices and New Age channeled religious practices--a lot of attention is placed on meditation on the chakras, "clearing" the chakras, and channeling energy through the chakras. In so doing, a spiritual being itJ. a body only anchors itself further in the body by sending energy pulses through these nerve networks. I have actually experienced this phenomenon during a "Consciousness and Energy" (C & E) exercise taught by the channeled entity, Ramtha. After doing the exercise I became more solidly anchored in my body and was very sick with the "C & E flu" for over two weeks. Also, just the condition of placing undue attention on the body helps reinforce attachment to the body.
I had a great deal of communication with "channeled Pleiadians" in my association with a woman who was trained to channel Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak. These so-called Pleiadiims had me "clearing my chakras" as one of the
procedures I had to perform in order to end my abductions. I followed their advice to the letter--including giving
unconditional love to the Grays--and they eventually informed me that I would no longer be abducted by Grays, because I had successfully fulfilled their requirements. However, I was abducted and re-implanted with a debilitating brain implant about two weeks after they told me this. Three other "psychics" who channel ETs have since tried to free me
from abductions. All have failed-and they failed in spite of their very confident reassurances that I would no longer be
an abductee after performing their various procedures. The abductions have never ceased. I eventually came to my senses and realized that the "Pleiadians " and other channeled ETs had manipulated and deceived me.
The Pleiadians-in both ancient and modem times--have established religious practices focused especially on the
lower chakra, the network of nerves of the genital area. The channeled Pleiadians of today call it "sacred sexuality. " .
The kundalini of trantric Yoga is simply the channeling of energy from the lower chakra, through the other cbakras, and
up through the brain. Not surprisingly, it is sometimes referred to as "Serpent" power. These deceptive practices only serve to keep people's attention focused on their bodies and keep us distracted with dead-end religious practices, Under these conditions one would not easily discover what's really going on. The discovery of the truth, of course, might eventually lead to extricating oneself from the mandatory re-embodiment cycle on this planet. This is why ETs expend so much time and energy programming people with bogus religious beliefs.
For example, the channeled Pleiadians say that we cannot degenerate spiritually and naturally evolve upwards. In
the Billy Meier case, the Pleiadian Semjase told Billy the same thing, only she called it a "retrograde effect. " (Read the 2nd Book of Contact Notes of Billy Meier by Wendelle Stevens for details.) However, past life research has shown over and over again that we have spiritually degenerated over an extremely long period of time and that we do not just naturally evolve upwards. In the beginning of the physical universe we were veritable Gods! To program people that we just naturally evolve upwards would incline people to think they need not engage in past life therapy to recover lost spiritual abilities, spiritual awareness, and spiritual integrity. There are many such lies promulgated by Pleiadians, but I won't belabor the point here as I have written a separate report that exposes Pleiadian deceptions.
The Grays, Reptilians, Pleiadians, Insectoids all use the WHITE LIGHT rooms to program earthbound humans.
This phenomenon illustrates a conspiratorial network between several races of ETs. Today, however, they don't land in
public places like they used to. They also don't bring down people from implant stations like they used to. It appears
that the phenomenon of "walk-ins" is on the increase, however. Channeled entities are deceiving us as to the purpose of these insidious, covert extra-terrestrial activities.
Many people today are reporting near death experiences (NDEs) in which they travel swiftly through a tunnel toward
the LIGHT. When they reach the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel they sometimes report seeing "beings of LIGHT. "
They sometimes believe they have traveled to some kind of spiritual realm. From my own experiences these "beings of
LIGHT" were insectoids. They only "appeared" to be LIGHT beings, due to their uncanny ET ability to create illusions
in the minds of abductees, whether out of body or in the body. This ability, as I have mentioned before, can be best
described as "telepathic hypnosis; " other researchers use the term "screen memories. " Grays also possess this incredible ability to manipulate people's minds and emotions, and they often use this ability to create an illusion of benevolence and love. This is one of the reasons why some abductees think Grays are good. Reptilians also possess this ability, and it would be reasonable to assume that other ET groups also use telepathic hypnosis. I don't know if other ETs are involved with the "going to the LIGHT" aspect of the programming process or if only insectoids handle the implant stations-I've only seen the praying mantis guys there. People also report that they were given prophecies in near death experiences, which often come true. This is not very astounding really, since ETs can travel through time to the future to see what will happen. Also, since they are the puppet masters working behind the scenes to manipulate wars, they would seem to have a great deal of control over our future. In any case I don't think that the future is written in stone-especially as more of us "Earthlings" become aware of the programming of the planet.
So far I have not found any extra-terrestrials--channeled or otherwise-who have informed anyone on Earth what's
really going on here. This would indicate that the ETs who are "visiting" Earth or who are communicating with
Earthlings are either part of the planetary conspiracy or they are extremely unobservant. Given the psychic and
technological abilities of ETs, it is dubious that any ET group would be totally unaware of the Earth conspiracy, even if they were not part of it. In the final analysis it appears that it would be in our own best interests not to take the messages of any ET group literally. Discernment is the watchword. We can all by-pass their programming anyway by each of us doing our own past life research and therapy.




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