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Subject Jesus was an alien!
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Original Message The immaculate 'Son of Elohim'!

In Hebrew, 'Elohim' is Plural. The 'Gods' created man.

What if its true the alien Gods were doing genetic experiments on the existing Neanderthal's, and thus we humans are actually hybrid aliens native to the earth and the stars?

It would explain alot of discrepancies and the 'missing link' the evolutionists have a hard time explaining.

Then our planet became infected by the Reptilian 5th dimensional alien presence sometime along the way that the Gnostics warned us about.

Later Jesus was sent here because there was an interstellar war going on, and the 'Gods' ships couldn't make it back to earth to fight off the Reptiles that infected earth. All they could send was Jesus, as a reincarnation of one of the elders of Elohim through the spirit world.

So Elohim Jesus's word was pure and kept until about the 4th century, until Rome destroyed the books of the Bible at Nicea & Nicea II. Adopting the heretical Heaven/Hell theology of Paul. The Roman church is a known reptile cult. They knew they could take the existing practices of Jesus and SCARE THE SHIT out of people to WORSHIP OR BURN IN HELL.

So the Roman reptile cult twisted the word, and the people who now call themselves 'Christians' are actually worshiping the Roman reptile 'Paul''s word instead of the Elohim!

You know it's true!

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