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Subject First Shadow sighting and first night attack experience.
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Original Message The first time I saw a shadow person was years ago, driving on my way to work at 430 in the morning. The figure was at least 3 or 4 feet off the ground, no arms or legs could be seen but the brown cloak was very distinctive. The entity had something of trailing smoky quality, like pieces of it were breaking off and disappating like smoke. The entity flew/floated right across the road directly illuminated by my headlights and I had at least a solid 3 or 4 seconds of view time before it went out of my field of vision. Very bizarre experience and I must have sped off that road doing at least a 100mph. Never gave it much thought after that. Had a couple abduction nightmares when I was a kid but nothing too crazy or unusual, nothing that can relate to the experience I had a couple weeks ago. A couple weeks ago I was woken up from my sleep being chocked by a black blob shape, my room was dark but I could make out a solid blob like mass on the right side of my bed. I've never had sleep paralysis before so I was shocked I could barely move and was pretty terrified. I always sleep on my side and thought you weren't supposed to get sleep paralysis sleeping on your side? I saw the shape, it wasn't dreamed or anything, I straight up laid eyes on it. Not only that I could still move my left arm! I desperately began reaching for my phone, thinking the light would drive it off or something. I tried to scream, pray, even breath and I couldn't. I barely managed to make a gurgling sound and it took all my effort and strength to do it. I can't even tell you how absolutely overpowering this thing was. It's like being suffocated without any strength in your entire body to do much of anything about it. It ended when I managed to grab my phone from the other side of the bed and at once the heavy exhausted feeling left me and I sprung right up. Now I understand how terrifying these experiences must be to people, you're completely helpless. What can you even do about these things? I couldn't make a sound any louder or clearer than a gurgle and it took all I had just to do that. Do you think they have to take on mass to interact with us?
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