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Subject Obama This, Obama That - Government Shutdown? Cry Me a Fucking River.. Here's How it REALLY is, Bitches...
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Original Message Fuck Obama. Fuck the Libs. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck the whole goverment and its pathetic, crybaby, temper-tantrum shutdown and FUCK all you pussies who are crying about it..

Seriously??? The only good government is LESS government. Case closed.

It's getting pretty damn annoying to hear a bunch of pansy-assed little bitches talking about "no food stamps, no government checks" or "obamacare" or "the damn republicans"...

Grow the fuck up, you little twats.. man the FUCK UP, and understand that you are responsible for YOURSELF and the well being of your family ONLY... This government shutdown isn't SHIT..

It's not because of "obamacare", it's not because of republicans, it's not because of libs, dems, or any of the other bogus, fairytale "parties" who supposedly make choices..

The government shutdown is nothing more than a ploy to entice people to ask for more government, a better government, and a bunch of other unrealistic bullshit that distracts us from reality.

"Blah blah blah, I hope the government will figure things out!"

Why? For WHAT fucking reason? So you can be a lazy fuck and get free money? Because you're afraid of not having enough government? FUCK YOU!

And for those of you on here who are all "pro republican", well, fuck you too.. Anyone who identifies with a political party is braindead.

Go ahead and try to chose sides in a game that's already rigged and lets see where the fuck that gets you..Nowhere.

Anyway, I welcome it. Shut down forever, for all I care. I don't need nor want your money, your rules, your bullshit or your propaganda. Take it all, stick it up your fucking ass and keep it there..

You're not going to close a few fucking parks and scare me, you're not going to make threats and scare me.. How about I Make threats???? How about "We the People" make threats?

Fuck Obama, fuck Congress, fuck politics and fuck anyone who's jumping on this propaganda bandwagon of utter bullshit.

I don't NEED your fucking government. And I don't really want it.

For all of you crying about it and worrying about it, tell someone who cares because it sure as fuck isn't me. All you're doing is feeding into the BS and looking like a full-blown retard, retards.

Keep the shit shutdown. Good.

Stop listening to the fucking TV, stop posting about the TV, stop repeating what you hear on TV, and stop pressing that button that turns on your motherfucking TV..

I feel like I'm logging into a little twat-ache bitch festival everytime I come onto GLP in the last week.

GROW THE FUCK UP!! Fuck the government or fuck you.

Grow some goddamn balls and quit your crying. Don't buy Obamacare, dont watch TV, and don't fucking worry about the propaganda on TV. It's ruining your fucking brain.
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