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Subject Brillian Politics on Obama's part
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Original Message Context: I work in social services and I'll be furloughed by the end of the month when our funds run out (unless the shutdown ends). I work with people who have economic means at or below the federal poverty line. Obviously many of them are Obama sycophants, and others are clearly not. Yet I have noticed something about myself and these fellow clients on this federal shutdown.

To preface, I don't care for the man. I didn't vote for him either time, and I begrudgingly voted for the republican candidate even though I am a "non-party" registered voter. I prefer to make my own decisions rather than go along with party talking points.

Seeing a few programs hit the dirt (specifically WIC in my line of work), I am beginning to hear these families I visit say that it is time for "Obama to do something!" Funny thing is, some of these people are not fans of his, they jsut want their entitlement programs back. And yet, here I am getting to the end of my employment, and I find myself saying similar sound bites; time for the man to do something. And it dawns on me; he's playing to his favor here.

I myself think - as well as several others here - like the Republicans played into Obama's hand with this government shutdown. It isn't that he cares whether his polls are up - polls vary from season to season - but he is concerned with more power. It looks to me that Obama wanted the government to shut down. Honestly, why else would he not give a damn about negotiating? He doesn't have to! Eventually (and as we're already seeing), the people will revolt against Congress and will applaud when Obama takes over and restarts government. And the longer he draws it out, and more people suffer from the government shutdown, the more people will look to him to fix it all.

How cool would that look to the people? This largely dysfunctional body politic is kicked to the curb, and suddenly the WIC program is back up, people stay employed, the EBT "glitches" are gone, debt ceiling raised indefinitely and things are back to normal. And who gets all the credit? The Messiah Obama; because Congress shut "us" down, not him. It's just too good to pass up. The media will lap it up and laud his decision and everyone will be happy that that mess of politics is done for.

If he keeps rejecting what Congress offers, then I believe this will be one brilliant set-up to his favor. Sure, it'll all end badly, but still, just for him to be the hero - the champion of humanity - wouldn't that be something? Winning hearts all over the country!

Just you wait. Obama the hero. Saving our way of life from those nin-com-poops on Capitol Hill. National Hero Obama. Vote to put his face on Rushmore now!

On the other hand, if it never starts up again, then I surmise that it is his fault, and I bet many others will too, since he refuses to negotiate...
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