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Subject My wife is a psychic in denial about her gift. This is her dream about aliens.
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Original Message I'm not saying this is going to happen, just that she predicts the future constantly and always blocks out that she is doing it. She doesn't believe she is smart enough to have that kind of gift. Whatever the hell that means.

She said there was a world war going on when her dream started. Aliens fighting humans, humans fighting humans, aliens fighting other aliens and everyone else stuck in the middle trying to survive fighting each other..

We were sided with a group of aliens living in what she described as a dome half sunk into the ground.
(Not us exclusively, there were many other humans there with us.)
Like a flying saucer from the outside but she said she didn't think it could fly because a large part of it was under ground. The description she gave sounds like a stubby mushroom buried in the ground with the cap above ground.

This surprised her because we were aligned with the aliens against a group of humans called the rebels who lived underground somehow and were always attacking us. This surprised her because the rebels sounded more like something I would have been a part of than working with the aliens in her opinion and she always planned on going wherever I went if things went south and was surprised I chose an alien alliance over a human one.

Here's where it gets surreal.

There were children everywhere on the base we lived in. The entire bottom of the complex was a childrens play place. Jungle gyms, games, padded areas where they could wrestle and climb, arts and crafts, a giant daycare and the place was deafening in the main room from the sounds of the children playing. So much so the parents and aliens had to lean into each other and speak loudly to communicate with each other. This is when she described the aliens, sort of. She said they were big, roughly my height (over six foot) and appeared to be wider than a man but could not be sure because they all wore costumes. Childrens costumes. Sponge bob, silly bears and other whimsical characters.
She said their natural appearance scared the children so they went to great lengths to make them comfortable and happy and wore these costumes all day and interacted with the children in the same way the parents and other adults did, playing with and helping/teaching them, while wearing these outfits.

So that was our job as far as she could tell, finding and protecting children (our own included) and finding trust worthy adults to help us. She said she didn't know what my job was but I was always busy talking to the aliens and kept telling her to hold on when she wanted to talk to me. She said I was wearing something that looked like what a swat team would wear without the helmet or shield. Tactical gear I guess.

She didn't know why there were so many displaced children but they seemed to far outnumber the adults willing to take care of them. The dream ended with her death. She said she went out with a party to collect more children from somewhere they were hiding and got surprised attacked by the rebels.
I automatically asked where I was and that there is no way I would have let her leave without me. She said she didn't know, only that I wasn't there and that we thought we had beaten the rebels for now because they hadn't attacked in a long time and we had killed many of them protecting ourselves.
That's it. Then she went about her business like she didn't have this crazy detailed dream like she always does, yet took the time to tell it to me and treat me like an asshole for ignoring her in the dream and not protecting her and letting her get killed after all the fighting I had done to keep her and the children safe. (F'en women, i'll never understand them.)

So, if there is a multi-species world war I will chain her to my side if need be.

/cool story bro.

Wanted to know if this story rings any bells with you folks here on glp.
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