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Subject The Earth Booms & strange sounds are coming + New Madrid earthquake uptick! Based on previous accurate booms forecast!
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Original Message All this and more shared in this video:

What if I told you that booms have been indeed coming from the Earth, have a connection to earthquakes at times and severely increase when Earth reaches a specific orbital position when an outer influence is increasingly causing trauma within the Earth.. thus the Booms.
That's a pretty big calm to made.
What if I told you I provided proof of this last year around this very time and forecasted that the Booms would increase and guaranteed it would be so big the mainstream news would even cover it.


Also found in this thread:
Thread: MEGA Earthquakes, Magnetic field anomalies, Earth Booms and Auroras NOT RANDOM! Proof there is an outside force affecting the Earth!

Quoted from screenshot and thread:

"However from the end of December to about May it's a guarantee we'll be affected once again.
Meaning at very least an increase in Earth's magnetic field experiencing anomalies, increase in Earth Booms, pressure on magnetosphere/more auroras and yes a Mega earthquake as well, probably at least one 8+ at very least during that time frame.
Again that forecast is solely based upon what has already occurred during the previous 3 years in that time frame.
Now we know what to look for."

From another thread posted later on in December:
Thread: Forecast February-May 2013 for Earth Booms, 8+ quakes, Sun Agenda, Magnetic field.. all based on previous statistical history & predictions.

Quoted from that thread:

* Increasing Earth Booms that I guarantee will make the mainstream news.
* There will be at least one 8+ earthquake within that time frame and the New Madrid will pick up in activity.

There were two 8+ quakes during that period and the magnetic field predictions hit (I'll cover in the future threads/videos) but at this moment I'm just focusing on the booms because they are about to get started once again and even more evident than last year.

So speaking of the booms forecast I made last year around this time... what happened right after?
The booms started hitting the Eastern half of the United States at an incredible scale, one in which the mainstream news couldn't even ignore!

Here are screenshots from some news coverage in just a two month period following the forecast.
FYI These screenshots come from an hour long in depth video review I made from here back on Jan 31st, 2013:

I mean look at this, here's just some!!!
This is not somebody's uncle posting online saying they heard a boom... this is all newspaper articles and news that hit peoples TVs


Looks as if those booms weren't random indeed and the forecast of the booms was accurate.

So what does all this mean?

Well first I would like to point out that there has been well documented Historical booms and "strange sounds" from the 1800s and 1900s which precede geological upheaval!

I will start from oldest to most recent reports:

USGS themselves even admit geological booms as a reality. "Earthquake Booms" is a quote from themselves.
They go on to say "no one knows for sure what causes them".
However they are well documented throughout history.

Once such example was the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812, quote from USGS:
"There are accounts of "artillery"-like sounds that were said to have occurred before or during the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812."


[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

There were booming noises 18 months leading up to the 7.3 earthquake in Charleston, South Carolina earthquake of 1886:


Booms leading up to the 8.1 earthquake in Assam 1897:


The 7.8 earthquake in San Francisco of 1908 is well known but what isn't is that rumbling noises preceded that earthquake as well:

and yet another such occurrence preceding the Caldiran-Muradiye 7.3 earthquake of 1976:


You can read about all of this from a 1979 issue of Science magazine even titled: "natural explosive noises"

Here's a link to a file of it

[link to webcache.googleusercontent.com]

So in short what does all this mean?
Well there's tons of information to absorb but I'll break it down.

- Historical documented booms show us they occur when pressure is building within the Earth and are precursory to geological upheaval, that is not some conspiracy theory.. it is fact proven through historical events.
- There is indeed a cover-up over the booms, exposed this here: Thread: Booms COVER UP.. Due to New Madrid WAKING UP! Dec/Jan review of proof and USGS getting owned!
- As far as HOW I predicted them last year.. to keep it simple a lot of anomalies have occurred in recent years during a specific period of Earth's orbit and it's increased in severity each year. Basically a pattern developed, one of which having a connection to the increase of Earth booms.
For all the in depth details, check out my previous videos and threads where I have covered it.
- Earthquakes can and have been predicted just by following boom data, again which are here: Thread: Booms COVER UP.. Due to New Madrid WAKING UP! Dec/Jan review of proof and USGS getting owned!

So what is coming?

While booms will occur in many places, the primary place of focus is the Eastern half of the United State, primarily from Texas, Oklahoma on through the New Madrid to areas near the St. Lawrence Seaway.
The evidence from last year strongly showed pressure building from New Madrid trying to move or have a major adjustment in the diagonal fashion causing booms throughout the East half of the states.
Here's an screenshot from last year of most earthquakes 2.0 and above for the month of January (red) and most media report of Booms (blue) all mostly from January but a few from December to give you an example.. it speaks for itself:

There's no way to tell for sure how bad it will be, however what is for sure is that the booms will increase as well as earthquakes in number and severity for this region.
I would expect that if the booms reach a scale which completely blows what happened last year away out the water.. then we should start getting concerned.
Time frame? Slowing picking up pretty much now in December and stopping around around May.
That's what's happened over and over again in recent years, just increased in severity each time.

Beyond all this is important to remember the New Madrid is overdue anyway, there's tons of information on this... here's just one little tid bit:


Back in 1987 seismologists said there's a 2/3s chance of a 6.5 quake along the New Madrid before the turn of the century and a 20% chance of a 7.6 quake.
Well now it's nearly 2014.
None of that either takes into account the force effecting the Earth that's increasing through a certain orbital period, which data I used to accurately forecasted the booms last year.
This is not about me patting myself on the back, it's about the importance of this information and the accuracy.

So if the information I shared last year was accurate, you decide how much relevance and importance all this means to you now.
The goal is to go up and beyond what I did last year to help get this information out before hand to hopefully make some kind of a positive difference.
Which you all too can we apart of.
It's imperative to get this information out, especially once the booms start picking up once again.
I hope the media will be more truthful about it this time around then again it's up to us to help make that possible.
Last year I ONLY covered media reports of booms and will do so again.
Please feel free to post and update this thread when you come across reports of booms, I'd appreciate it.

BTW this also might play a key in everything:
Thread: NOAA wipes out buoy used as proof in exposing Indo-Australian Plate breakup triggering global chain reaction.
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