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Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Heavy fighting around Debaltseve & Vuhlehirsk. Ukrainian reinforcements arrived. Larger Russian forces moving too!!!p.7334
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Original Message from page 2867:

I've been on this thread since the first page (thank you Luis) and in all that time the last 24 hours have been the most worrisome.

Today though I am more concerned than ever before. The US and the west don't seem to fathom the depth of what is actually happening. They are being sucked into an un-winnable war. The latest pull back of Pres. Putin refusing to talk to Washington is most concerning.

Mr. Obama and his minions are attempting to handle Russia as if it really is just another mid-east minor league team. I think they truly believe Russia is just a "regional power", they are not.

The repeated attempts to marginalize and "punish" a nuclear giant with a more than respectable conventional military, have done nothing but incite a hands on response by Russia's covert forces. Washington has backed Putin into a corner, they must realize that he will be forced to act in response. Sanctions will be met by actions from Moscow, they have few other options.

I hoped that the egomaniac in the White House would seek council from those outside his administration, former advisers or elder statesmen. Instead we get Jen Psaki, Victoria Nuland, Samantha Powers and god only knows what is coming out of Valerie Jarret's or Susan Rice's mouth. Amateurs, at least that's what vibe they are sending out to those of us who are truly awake.

God help us, I fear the worst. Remember my fellow Americans, you got the leadership you voted for. Now go back to sleep it will all be over soon.

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Rami ‏@RamiAlLolah · Jul 24
Looks like we are at the verge of WW III.. #Russia #Ukraine #Poland #EU #USA

Rami ‏@RamiAlLolah · 3h
#USA Military reactivates cold war readiness protocols against #Russia [link to abcnews.go.com] … #Ukraine #Poland

Rami ‏@RamiAlLolah · 54s
#Russia Defense Ministry: Thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile RT-24 Yars battery is on its way to a 'field site'. #Ukraine #EU
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