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Subject SAUCERS of the Illuminati - by Jim Keith
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Groundbreaking (April 2004) research for the truth behind stories of alien invasion, secret underground bases, and secret plans for the New World Order. Conspiracy expert Keith’s final book on UFOs exposes the secret, sinister cabal that manufactures UFOs and uses them for their own purposes: the control and manipulation of the population of Earth. Chapters cover mind control, saucer abductions, the MJ-12 documents, cattle mutilations, government anti-gravity testing, the Sirius Connection, and include:

•The Process of Decoding of The Human Factor
•A Symbolic Odyssey
•Increase of Resolution
•Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati
•The Sirius Connection
•Demons and Adepts
•Occult Espionage
•The Year of Light òJ im Keith’s famous lecture on UFOs and the Edge of Reality

Excerpt from
by Kenn Thomas and Adam Parfrey

The term “conspiracy theorist” has a trifecta of propagandish intent: it deprives of credibility any perspective not directly approved by academic and political authorities; it implies that conspiracies don’t really exist; and it promotes a sub-genre of DaVinci Code-type print and media entertainments. When Jim Keith assembled volume one of the now out-of-print Secret and Suppressed in 1993, he and publisher Feral House were keenly aware of the institutional disapproval of nonsanctioned views of political assassinations, financial manipulations and the secret operations of military and intelligence black-ops. Keith did not live to see an American president assume office as the result of a court decision, nor did he witness the 9/11 horrors and the US march to war over imaginary weapons of mass destruction. He did, however, with that first volume of Secret & Suppressed, help create the attendant popular culture of X-Files TV shows, Mel Gibson-styled Conspiracy Theory movies and a conspiracy-obsessed internet.
An X-Files offshoot program called Lone Gunmen used in its pilot episode concepts that explored in a Feral House book Keith co-wrote with Kenn Thomas called The Octopus, based on the conspiracy research of a writer named Danny Casolaro. The Lone Gunmen pilot episode included a “back door” computer system, called “Octium” in the show but identical to PROMIS in Casolaro’s research,that stopped a plane from crashing into Manhattan’s twin Trade towers. This aired in the March preceding the actual
events of 9/11, making the show more known for its eerie predictive quality than for its connection to Casolaro and The Octopus.

Keith had died by then, and mysteriously so, from a knee injury he suffered at the Burning Man event in Black Rock, Nevada in 1999. Shortly thereafter, a scandal in the medical world caused a temporary suspension of knee surgeries when patients began dying from cartilage transplants tainted with clostridium bacteria. Keith had previously written about the CIA’s stockpiles of the same bacteria. Shortly after the knee-surgery scandal, Keith’s publisher Ron Bonds, whose IllumiNet Press published many conspiracy-oriented books, also died of clostridium poisoning from food he ate at a Mexican restaurant near his home in Atlanta, Georgia. In the end, the tainted cartilage samples from the hospital scandal were tracked to a tissue bank near Atlanta. So Jim Keith became an odd footnote to the bizarre circumstance of the prediction of 9/11 by a TV show in a genre he helped create and popularize in part by editing the first volume of Secret and Suppressed.
[link to feralhouse.com]

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