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Subject Star Gates Anyone???
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Original Message I just ran across a most interesting page online that you all should read.
I was looking up stuff on the ganesh particle when I came to this.

[link to solder.ath.cx]

Volume 2 - Eagles Unchained Top Secret, Majestic, StarFlowerSubj: Re: SGP# 02-01 Date: 2/10/02 4:37:45 PM Pacific Standard Time> > SANCTUARY OF THE GOLDEN PETAL > > PROJECT LOTUS (T/S STAR FLOWER)> > YEAR 2002> > > SGP# 02-01> > > Date: January 14, 2002> > From: Rev. Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch> >
To: Command Structure, Majestic> > > > References to Cell Classification Report #'s (Hard Copies Retained):> > > > N/A> > > > References to "Other Reports and/or Citations" and #'s (Hard Copies Retained):> > > > SMR# 01-05> > > > Relevant Dialogue:> > > > This report is designed to set the general schedule for this year. The Sanctuary of the Golden Petal, operating under Independent Church Charter has closed out its reports for 2001. To date, 15 research reports have been filed, and 17 Remote Viewing sessions have> > been conducted (to be filed as part of the Petal Chat record).> > > > Pursuant to approved directives, Petal Chat will begin operating immediately. Further, a mixture of known and unknown targets will be provided for Remote Viewing (and those other methods wished applied) to Sheala. Concentration will be made on those areas > > indicated on the Petal Chat informational guidelines, on file (October 21, 2001). The first> > Petal Chat target will be assigned on January 17, 2002, as well as the request given to her to research repetitive symbol/information strings as they relate to information processing> > and communication studies. The latter issue directly relates to the "G.ULF Base Pair Code". > > > > An audit of records has been conducted. The purpose of the audit was to (a) set the direction for this research, for 2002; and (b) find those previously cited areas of interest, in the research, that may have been neglected due to the onset of new findings.> > Concentration, until November 2002, will center around > > 1. Completing/Documenting the full sequence of Cross Bridge formation, dissolution, and > > possible information exchange (Jan.-Jun.);> > 2. Enhancing our knowledge of the nature of the Ganesh through information gained from Petal Chat, and applying research protocols as follow-up (Jan.-Oct.); and 3. Running the protocol of SMR# 01-05 (Jul.-Oct.). > > > Once operations are allowed restart at the Frenchman's Mountain Complex (November, 2002), the Electrical Mapping project will continue, in an effort to begin rock> > classification leading toward Shiva expeditions. Further, long term cell culturing, leading into Vishnu analysis, will also be considered at that time. > > We will remain mindful of the alleged Ophanic Stargate, and will allow some redirection of focus should newly discovered information be germane to the Lotus.> > Respectfully submitted by this humble servant of Christ,> > Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch{Please see the following two star charts Dan produced several years ago, which seem to indicate that an alignment may take place in 2007 which could have a profound effect upon the Ophanic Stargate found at Frenchman Mountain.} {Editors Note: Shortly after this there was a change in the power structure within the project. Deb was named the new Commander In Chief over the StarFlower project. The note relayed to me with this information is provided here for reference purposes. Subj: Re: Little John Date: 2/19/02 9:48:16 PM Pacific Standard TimeLt.Cdr. Hatcher has already been reassigned. A copy of this letter has been redirected to him. Mrs. Burisch, please feel free to contact us with concerns, comments, ideas, etc. The Committee of the Majority, as the formed Majestic 12, wishes you to feel welcomed as the new Star Flower CINC. go to page 2Vol 2 - Page 2{Editors Note: as of 2/18/02 9:50:26 PM Pacific Standard Time the information that Dr. Burisch continued to relay up through the command structure concerning the dangers involved in perturbing the Frenchman Mountain gate were answered. My contact sent me a copy of the message that was relayed to Dan:}The Committee of the Majority {has} acted upon the request to cease chemical dispersal and electromagnetic stimulation of Frenchman's mountain. They have agreed to tailor the project so as not to stimulate the possible Einstein-Rosen Bridge. In fact, they have prohibited anyone from acting upon the possible stargate whatsoever. That means that they have quarantined, for our people, the area from receiving over 100 Gauss effective EM.That allows for normal research to be conducted on the rock, but nothing of the magnitude that could cause the gate to open. Anyone having equipment that could raise the levels into the danger zone will be acted upon at the site and turned away. Essentially, they have left open your research but closed all others, aside from geological, ecological, mining and standard military activity.The Committee has requested to receive reports from you, regularly, until (or if) the StarFlower (Lotus) Project is completed. Reports, from you, will be due every four months, that isevery Apr 01, Aug 01, Dec 01. You may decide just to continue as you are doing (writing regular reports) then give an information dump at the right time. It's up to you.LJ will be reassigned and another liaison will pick up and distribute all mail, includingany future issuances._______________________________________________________________________​______{Editors Note: A detailed photographic study of the particle formation from start to finish was scheduled shortly after this message came through. It was to be carried out at the residence, in Sun Chase Apartments, under the watchful supervision of security who resided in neighboring apartments. The dangers of this procedure were considered acceptable for all those non-majestic residents living in the vicinity. This Schedule was apparently written by Dan, and then smuggled out to me, via internet. Prior to this, a videotape and series of photocopies was dropped for me to pick up from a source inside the project. Thankfully this drop did not get intercepted. Although I had no idea what I was looking at, I had reason to believe that this tape showed some of the cross bridge formation, and what took place inside a cell nucleus after the crossbridges did whatever it was they did. I cannot comment to the photos, but I am including them for reference. The following communications seem to indicate that the work I now had on tape was only the start of their inquiries about the ganesh particles and the cross bridges that seemed to form in their presence.}Subj: Schedule Date: 2/19/02 8:29:51 PM Pacific Standard TimeSchedule:19 FEB 02 (Today)-Well, after 10 hours I am done with calibrating the object-to-slide-to-microscope-to-reticle-to-video camera. All of the dimensions finally equate and all of the angles are measured. GLAD it's over! This time I will have the entire cross bridge process (from ganesh formation to final cross bridge detachment) and all of the necessary numbers!!! 20 FEB 02 (Wednesday)-I have on tap the nuts-and-bolts of the operation:crush and preparation of Vishnu schist, spirogyra washand elution prep, amino acid mix and titration, lightand electrical stimulation setup and calibration, andcamera speed check.21 FEB 02 (Thursday)-In the evening (ca. 20:30), I am scheduled to give abriefing at this residence about Friday's procedure. Afterward, I will be running a test film on a filament of spirogyra, for galvanotaxis.22 FEB 02 (Friday)-Final preparations set for evening's test.Ca. 21:00, consecutive ganesh particle production and control runs will be made.23 FEB 02 (Saturday)-Ca. 00:00, ganesh particles will be tracked to temperature suppressed and normal spyrogyra. Complete interactions to be documented.Ca. 12:00, expected termination of test procedure.Ca. 21:00, Post-Test equipment calibration check.24 FEB 02 (Sunday)-Breakdown and storage of test equipment.Begin video analysis.________________________________________________________________________​_____{Editors Note: it seems that things went wrong part of the way into the experiment. My source got the following information out to me.}Subj: Early Run Termination! Date: 2/23/02 12:16:58 AM Pacific Standard Time{Dr. Burisch} was forced to terminate the run, a few minutes ago, as his reaction background material began to blister due to excessive heat. During the run, he did manage to film each stage in the Ganesh-to-crossbridge formation and dissolution. The only unfortunate thing (aside from damage to the top of his desk) was that he could only capture a single event series, plus control. Perhaps he could have continued for a little while longer, but should the containment field have collapsed, he could have been either severely burned or placed in direct contact with the experimental Ganesh particle (possibly under infective circumstances). Neither possibility was deemed acceptable. While this project is not destined under a single subject design, at least he captured good data tonight. Quoted directly from Dr. Burisch 2/22/02 10:38:21 PM Pacific Standard Time Ganesh production proceeding. First finding: it emanates from the quartz and uses hydrogen as the gaseous carrier! Does this bring anything to mind? :) I have it on film. During production a 21.7mV outburst occurs, this wanes to 7.4mV, and pulses all the long.Cross bridges now forming. Ganesh particles attach to trichomes, then grow. Tubule inserts from crossbridge into trichome cell's nucleus.{Editors Note: my contact sent me the following after the run was terminated}Subj: Re: Electromagnetic Rings (EMR) Date: 2/23/02 10:47:20 PM Pacific Standard Time[Hes] dead tired after post-calibration, camera speed logging, and first review. . has the cells becoming "revitalized" by the Ganesh ON TAPE!____________________________________________________________________________​_{Editors Note: The comment made by Dr. Burisch that the first finding was that it emanates from the quartz and uses hydrogen as the gaseous carrier did bring something to mind. I recalled conversations with him during the work on Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars during which Dr. Burisch came right out and told me that certain non-terrestrial biology was based on hydrogen. This was later echoed in the document Q94109A in which Dr. Crain (prior to his legal name change) outlined in great depth and detail how non-terrestrial tissue was being sampled and studied to back engineer its DNA.} go to page 3Vol 2 - Page 3{Editors Note: my contact sent me the following after the run was terminated}Subj: Re: Electromagnetic Rings (EMR) Date: 2/23/02 10:47:20 PM Pacific Standard Time[Hes] dead tired after post-calibration, camera speed logging, and first review. . has the cells becoming "revitalized" by the Ganesh ON TAPE! {Editors Note: This was just the beginning of the cellular information that eventually was provided to me from within the project. It seems that Dan is in the habit of making videotape composites of his work for archival purposes. This process usually results in several tapes full of edited bits of experimental runs one such tape made its way into my possession with accompanying notes about what was contained therein.}(The arrows below point to Ganesh particles that were being produced from ground quartz crystal from the Vishnu Schist. The dark object is a portion of quartz. As it was described: the particle was liberated from the rock.) These three photos (below) show the gas bubble as it grows out of the quartz, holding a Ganesh particle inside. These gas bubbles may be the ones that were described forming with hydrogen gas. The videotape clearly shows them growing, and taking over the other bubbles which popped.Ganesh particle is visible above arrow.A cluster of ganesh particles as they form in the gas. Still one more view of a ganesh particle.go to page 4Volume 2 - Page 4This next series of images was taken from the section of the tape identified as Particle to Cell Transformation. It appears to start out as a particle, then extends dark feet into the surrounding areas. These feet seem to dent in, and the surrounding area is afffected. Later it becomes differentiated into a nucleus area and surrounding structures. Later in the series the nucleus begins to show distinct structural changes. This next group is taken from the section identified as CrossBridge. This appears to be a cross bridge, formed of many cells which came into being from the quartz, to gas, to cell process. The CrossBridges seem to attach to the spiro cells which were placed in the experimental solution. (As you can tell from looking at these images, they were taken from a videotape of the microscope data smuggled out of the project.) go to page 5Vol 2 - Page 5Volume 5 - pg 3When the crossbridge structures collapse, then do so in a rapid motion, falling away from the side of the spiro cells. After the collapse of the crossbridges, portions of the tissue vibrates, almost shudders rapidly, then pauses before vibrating again.Changes began to take place rapidly in the nuclear portion of the new cells, as well as portions of the target cells. The Ganesh particle cells were having an effect on terrestrial cells.go to page 6Vol 2 - Page 6 As these cells gathered, some cross bridge cells reattached themselves to the target cells provided in the experimental media. The result of all of this: the target cells that had been provided in the experiment (which had been distressed through temperature extremes prior to the experiment) were left full of robust health and vibrant life. Clearly they were the better for having been exposed to the alien cells that originated from the ganesh particles but the mechanism as to how that improvement was accomplished is a complete mystery as of the time of this publication. Editors Note:As of this writing, there are very few scientists left from Dans old working group who would be in a position to evaluate or understand much of what Dan is doing. Especially in the area of alien cells that seem to self generate from the quartz when placed under specific conditions. And fewer yet who could compare the cells to those non-terrestrial cells under investigation at the Papoose Lake, and Groom Lake lab sites. Most, if not all of them are dead. Robert Schwartz who worked with Dan in the Black 1 & 2 project during the Gulf War (Black Knights or stealth) and project Aquarius recently died after having rescued Dan when they both went down in a helicopter crash at Dugaway Proving Grounds in Utah on 11/27/01. Dan and two other biologists, one of whom was Schwartz were in a blackhawk, when (according to my sources inside the project) the pilot came in for a look at some marsh or watery flats, and the blades of the rotor became fouled with debris and water from the ground. According to my first information, they fell 30 feet, then later my source said it was more like 5-10 feet, but either way the chopper hit the ground hard. Schwartz pulled Dan free of his harness, and helped him run to a safe distance. But shortly after that, Robert Schwartz was reported dead. The association between Dan Crain and Sky Spiders in the Gulf War was made in a letter written by a soldier desperate to find Dan and delivered to me in hopes of gaining information about Gulf War Syndrome. Excerpt:"From the 19th. through the 25th. of January there were several men present within the Czech unit that appeared to have complete autonomy in their actions and movements within the unit. This didn't initially have any effect on me as I was there doing my job and kept to my duty, but I did find out that DIA-PMIS, the ADMPDBS, the DLA-M and CENTCOM had no record of them. On the 28th. of January the Czech team reported a chemical detection and at that time it was believed that the Iraqi forces deployed a few shells of mustard while fleeing from the advancing coalition forces. Druing the detection though, something strange happened. A helo arrived carying high level personnel including the former head of the NSA, Vice Adm. John McConnell, who had specific gathering duties for Naval Intelligence. He and others spoke directly with the American "spooks" that were present within the Czech team. I was present during one conversation that never made sense to me, at least not until now. I made very close notes after the conversation and have kept them since. Two U.S.N. men, L. Cdr. R. Ewald and Cpt. Dan Crain identified themselves as U.S. N. B. C specs assigned to units called Knight 1 and Knight 2. \they told the members of the helo group that this alert offered the opportunity to let the enemy forces [know] that we would reply in kind to such attacks and that it would also give us the chance to test certain other agents in a live situation. They didn't specify what other "agents" were. I believe that I may have figured that one out. L. Cdr. Ewald said that this would give the opportunity to allow the C.N. O., SECNAV and SECDEF to secretly speak with Timberwolf and get permission through the C.J. C. S. to deploy. They said that a cover would be given as White Sky 1 and White Sky 2 and that it was the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius" - whatever the hell that meant! The helo personnel seemed very concerned and said that an American NBC unit would also be working liaison with the Czech team. Two days later a second alert was declared. Another helo arrived and C[t. Crain advised that deployment and B.D.A. flights operated properly with the 2 sortie set covering Knight 1's and Knight 2's aircraft. If the deployment of some kind of chemical agent [was] being set up, why was there a need for covering up two aircraft? L. Cdr. Ewald departed with two of the other American "spooks" and Cpt. Craiin and one other were left behind. I spoke with Cpt. Crain on a couple of occasions and he would only tell me that he was a biologist with a specialty in what I wrote down as "viruses, molcoots, gaps and sky spiders" and that he worked with a "Kingly" group. He said he was from "CW17" and that he just arrived from "Camp 13". Huh? I recently found out that the real spelling of the last word is "mollicutes". Who cares right? Except that a kind of mollicutes is MYCOPLASMA, the very kind of germ that is now suspected in Gulf War Illness! Some of the contrails that are being called chemtrails are sometimes referred to as sky-spiders because of their spidery look. Mycoplasma has been found in chemtrails. Viruses and gaps? I didn't know. When I found that our, it seemed like the whole thing rushed back ...."Another member of the team, Paul (or Pauley as he was called) Ansen died several years ago in an accidental crash that took out several labs and other facilities at Papoose. go to page 7Vol 2 - Page 7And Steven Mostow died in a small plane crash just a few days before the decision was made to publish this information. He would have been in a particularly good position to comment on Dans work with these alien cells (ganesh) since he worked directly with Dan on the Q94 document. He crunched the numbers for the document while Dan did the writing and cited the teams position about the direction that the research was taking. He worked with Project Aquarius when it was still called GLEEM, and also worked in coordination with project Pounce (a containment response paradigm). My contact with him was very brief, and to the best of my knowledge, it was he who was instrumental in providing me with the hastily copied xerox of the Q94109A document before it was passed up the chain for approval. As I understand it, the first version of this document originally went up for approval and was rejected because Dan had been considerably more vocal in his protests about the use of human tissues from cadavers, as well as the cross contamination dangers present in the experimental plans. Steven, who was working as Dans assistant, helped tone down the criticisms to an acceptable level in the document. Thats when the copy I eventually got was made, and secreted away. Up until this writing, I have protected Stevens identity, and simply said that the document came to me from an anonymous source. His life was on the line as well as his professional career. But now he is dead. I havent heard the status of Dans old boss on the project (Aquarius) John McGuinnes. I am not sure if it was Steven or John McGuinnes who actually burned the copy of the document. But John certainly had reason to; he was tired of the powers above trying to force the group he was in charge of to conform to the ethics, or lack thereof in the experimental paradigm. The whole Aquarius working group was in a generalized rebellion because MJ12 was trying to hyjack or manipulate the direction and protocols of the experiment for the Committee of the Majority. And they (MJ12) had been pressuring McGuinnes to do things their way so that they could look good in front of the committee. I guess McGuinnes finally had enough and thats how I eventually got possession of the Q94109A document. Tom Mack is also dead. While he might not have been able to comment on the cells currently under investigation, he was up in the gallery when Dan went into the clean sphere (EBE Lab 2) to take tissue samples from Captive. At least, Dan called the alien Captive. Others called it by different nicknames. Some called it staarman, guest, brighty, bright eyes, blinky, ash, and even stump. That last was kind of mean, but kind of funny too. Mack witnessed the first part of the King-24 sample series as Dan removed the tissue (aspiration samples) from the Captives appendage. Thats how he knew Dan worked up there. I have reason to believe that he was also in the gallery when Dan wound up collapsing after the Captive forced an overwhelming mental communication upon him. This map shows the 4th level at S4, known as the Aquarius Pavilion. This is where Dan and his team worked primarily. When necessary Dan would be taken down one more level to the 5th level down where the Clean Sphere was located, that housed Captive.go to page 8Vol 2 - Page 8 This map shows the elevator that took Dan and his team from the area of the Clean Sphere horizontally underneath the labs/corridor of Level 4 (pale green), and let them off a short distance from the primary elevator (plae blue) which decended one additional level to pick them up and then whisk them back to the surface. Few of the scientists who worked this deep in the project are still alive to tell about the layout. Most as I have mentioned earlier have died under mysterious circumstances, and died recently. One of the primary things that was leaked out from this facility, is the Q94-109A document draft. I say it was a draft, because it was actually the second draft of the original document, copied just before it was sent up the pipeline for approvals. This copy was smuggled out and provided to me in late 1998 by a source I have been very hesitant to name, since I was trying to protect his safety. However, now that he is gone, having been one of the scientists who recently met his death, it is safe to say that Dan's friend Steven Mostow was very corageous in helping to get this information out to the public. Where does this leave everything now? Dan remains in danger, living in prison-like conditions to make good on a deal that was struck years ago; a deal that had nothing to do with him. I have made every attempt to protect my sources within the project, those who are still alive at least. I have removed certain return address lines from emails which could lead to my sources of information, as well as occasionally taking out unique phrases or syntax that would directly point to the identity of those who have trusted me with their safety. Its the best I can do. They knew the dangers when they decided to seek my help in exposing this horrific situation, and trying to get some help for Dan. They know about the heinous attempts that were made to manipulate his memories (an keep him more easily controlled), medical procedures that resulted in his suffering seizures and a stroke. They know that he lives in fear of beatings should he fail to comply with the wishes of his superiors, and in constant fear of his life. I am in possession of original x-rays of his fractured hand, after one such beating took place, and his hand was deliberately broken as a warning. The current CINC of the StarFlower project appears to be the person he should fear the most. She has proven to be more concerned with her own appearance before the Committee of the Majority and MJ12 personnel than for Dans wellbeing. She has handed off information while lying to her own superiors, falsified information and created bogus apparatus to pawn off as the real thing in order to keep herself out of trouble, and hopes that the truth of her mismanagement will never see the light of day. I believe that few if any of the personnel who have come forward would ever have asked for my help, had the project not spun off out of control due to the new CINCs horrible mismanagement. She has been called Mad .in a world of her own . Speaking sweetly to those in authority to maintain what power she holds Majestic is cracking into fragments - and the tighter they try to hold on, the more information, and loyalty slips away. This should not be happening in America. Nobody should be forced to live this way (in fear for their life and safety) in a land where we treasure human rights, and our constitutional freedoms. Dan Crain (Catselas Burisch) wants nothing more than the privileges of doing meaningful work for his country and enjoying his constitutional rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those things should not be mutually exclusive- even for a government scientist - within our climate of freedom. It is long past the time when we need to call for Congressional investigations of these abuses of power, and the activities of those who believe that they can act in any way they choose, lie to the American public, and never, ever be held accountable for their actions. Sure, they might claim that they are acting in our best interests, and hide behind a convenient shield of "national security" but eventually the truth will come out. The American people are not stupid, and the public has a right to know.
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