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Subject How to successfully NEUTRALIZE Mind Control of ultrasonic and electromagnetic wave lengths
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Original Message I'm one of those freedom fighters, offering solutions to global problems. I decided to post a solution to mind control application via ultrasonic and electromagnetic wave lengths.

Countering Lilly wave Programming
•The Lilly Wave called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair invented by John Cunningham Lilly is a carrier waveform that bypasses the mind’s subconscious defense systems. It has been monitored via oscilloscopes connected to homes A/C ground and neutral of power lines. It can be used to transmit mind control via ultrasonic (1 – 10MHz) and electromagnetic wavelengths (600m to 1e-15m). (Rense, 2003)
•Electromagnetic wavelengths transmit long/short/FM wavelength radio waves, and TV/telephone/wireless signals or energies. They are also responsible for transmitting energy in the form of microwaves, infrared radiation (IR), visible light (VIS), ultraviolet light (UV), X-rays, and gamma rays (1996)
• The Lilly wave can be neutralized via pink or white noise generators connecting to the non-voltage A/C ground and neutral of the homes power grid. (Rense, 2003)

There are also small, portable, white and pink noise generators. Such as the Neurophone GRS which has transducers that go on the skin and saturate the body with healthy sacred geometry golden section ratio frequencies. I call this the anti HAARP formula. The Neurophone DSP has a pink noise generator built in. Neurophone technology allows the brain to "hear" directly through the nervous system without using the ears. It is now a highly effective tool for learning, relaxation, balancing both hemisphere's of the brain and meditation. The Neurophone induces high alpha and theta waves.

Harmonic protectors also work, examples of these are Nuclear receptor pendants, ***ORGONITE ***, Clarus Q-link pendants preferrably the polished silver,Ally, Bioelectric shield, Teslar watches, Tesla purple plates to name a few. Notice the importance of orgonite it must not be taken for granted.

Radionics can be used to erase and overide the mind control intentions of those negative energies as well.

I also wear the Powerdome gold headgear pyramid everywhere (the shower, school, the grocery store, at home etc..) my personal favorite of the 5 different headgear pyramids. Wilhelm Reich was the first to use headgear pyramids with orgone plating, that's where Dr. Fred got the idea from anyway. I know it looks funny but so did extended bumpers on automobiles, they both serve a purpose. I used a trifield meter to prove to myself that they block out external frequencies. The discordant frequencies do not penetrate through the pyramid geometry.
·Creates a natural field of negative ions
·Gently detoxify the body
·Helps to relax
·Promotes creative work
·Detoxifies the brain (Bell, 1998, p.93)
·Balances elecrical energy, increases electrical potential. (Bell, 1998, p.93)
·Raises the vibrational frequency of blood, strengthening your immune system. (Bell, 1998, p.93)
·Helps eliminate auto toxicity. Autotoxification occurs when irritated areas of your colon are exposed to germs from layers of fecal matter, and you poison yourself again. (Bell, 1998, p.94)
·Helps you develop the higher, clairvoyant, spiritual powers that we all possess which have been supressed by these toxins and lack of minerals. (Bell, 1998, p.94)
·Changes blood pH towards alkaline

Another thing some people can do, is sleep inside a faraday cage, such as a pyramid structure. I find this useful anyway. Most people didn't know that the inventor of the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) slept inside a pyramid. I didn't know this either until I met his Great Nephew. The astral or emotional body (the first higher inner plane of the human body) cannot relax when it is being disturbed by outer disharmonious frequencies. When sleeping inside the 51 degree, 51 minute, 14.3 second base angle pyramid, the pyramid shields out toxic forms of radiation such as from radar of jet aircraft overhead, radio communication of taxi's, cellular phones, telecommunication beams and a myriad of disharmonious electrical signals moving about. When the body is shielded by the pyramid, it can properly rejuvenate and in addition, it can receive the healing currents of the earth's etheric field; of which the earth's magnetic field is a side effect. After a few hours of radiation free sleep, the 14 prime Qi meridians become free of negative psychic and other blocking energies. This then frees the astral body to move 13 feet or more from the physical body and our consciousness can enter the astral worlds. As the process engages, our eyelids flutter and we enter what is called Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). From personal experience and discussions with Fred (Great nephew of Alexander Graham Bell.)The worst metals to use are copper causing > Leukemia, aluminum is toxic, and stainless is toxic because they have a positive ion side effect or rob magnetism from the body. We humans generate 70% of our ATP (energy) from metabolism of food and the rest comes from the earth's magnetic field. The best material that is affordable is Ferrous metal such as iron based steel. Now if you have it gold plated 18K and up this gold octahedronal geometry shaped atom will refract the earth's magnetism in all directions. Magnetism can not be seperated from electricity, so the side effect is breathing in lots of negative ions which in effect slows the aging process by acting as an electrical precuring energy. The end consciuousness that controls the cells. Since we humans are Carbon based as are the pyramids,the 51 degree, 51 minute, 14.3 second base angle pyramid geometry matches the carbon atom geometry (only the scale size is larger) this then saturates the body with healthy vibratory frequencies that cause the cells to bind properly. If we generate 50-90 million healthy cells per second, this then strengthens the integrity of the body. You can find out some more fun stuff from my website [link to www.globalfreedomnow.org] You'll be sure to find the Truth/ freedom there.

•Rense, Jeff. (2003). Jeff Rense Program Audio Archive of March 3, 2003 – Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Electronic Mind Control. Retrieved March 3, 2003 from the World Wide Web: [link to www.renseradio.com]

"The wisest mind is truly dead unless it posses unlimited imagination"
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