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Original Message ana ana

I know how to un-enslave the United States, forever releasing it from the strong hold the Illuminati have over it!!!

Bear with me. What have most of us learned (or should I say discovered) through researching the NWO, Illuminati, Luciferian conspiracy? C'mon I KNOW you all know....

It's that there are major changes headed our way on a very spiritual/cosmic level of human evolution; and it has to deal with energy and the control of it. Now, the Illuminati/Luciferian objective is to not only enslave the human population, but to enslave the spirit (=energy).

How do the Illuminati currently have control over the United States government? It's by blackmailing the entire political body someway or another...whether through deviant acts or adulterous affairs, tax fraud, you name it, they are using it to blackmail our elected officials. And until those elected officials can be clear of that blackmail (coming clean) the Illuminati will stay in control.

Why not, as an evolved people deserving of the great things that are in store for humanity, openly say to our corrupted government:

"We, as an American body of concerned citizens, know you have all committed nefarious acts of greed and lust against our Great Nation and innocent victims of all ages that comprise these United States. We know you have all committed vile atrocities against our Great Creator in turn. As an informed and spiritually evolved people, deserving and worthy of the wonderful awakenings descending on humanity in the coming weeks months and years, we here by forgive your cowardice acts, and demand only Truth in return.

We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, do here by demand ALL TRUTHS about every Act committed against this powerful Nation through your cooperation; ALL TRUTHS as justice for the vile atrocities you have all committed against the citizens you represented in the name of Freedom. These TRUTHS will free you from the bonds of blackmail and control placed on you by a Higher Order of darkness.

Truth and Love are the two crutches man has to help him succeed when wounded. The United States is severely injured. It needs your TRUTHS along with our LOVE in order for this Country to make a full recovery. Fear not, for upon disclosure, these TRUTHS, despite their potential for complete shifts in reality, will forever release your spirit and allow you to rise, hand in hand, to Great New Heights with the American people."

So by forgiving them ahead of time, and as a group as opposed to one by one (Foley style) then they will all be free to speak. Think about the huge burden and anxiety that comes along with their position of power, temptation, and ensuing blackmail. It’s the “well, everybody does it” mentality that corrupts them in the FIRST place. So to free them as a group would have immediate results I guarantee. Time has passed for something to be done about this. Forgiveness is the only way. It is the ONLY way.

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