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Subject Whitley Strieber says conditions for contact are present
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Original Message [link to www.unknowncountry.com]

Let's rename Whitley - Barnum.

After all, he's transformed the mysterious into a third rate carnival act in which sychophants and tyrants are rewarded and the vulnerable and innocent set upon by ravenous wolverines.

Much like carnies at a fair-ground who have great loyalty to one another but prey with secret satisfaction on the middle class families that come to waste their money.

He calls for change to address the climate issues, then deftly obfuscates the issues with second hand occultism so as to avoid any personal responsiblity in the economic and political arena that gives rise to the problems in the first place.

Obfuscation is not enough for him, he calls for sympathy for George Bush, "He's just a man" and refers to Ralph Nader as a "flake". Perhaps he meant lightweight in the political arena. As a former advertising artist, he must be acutely aware of the impact of such a statement on his audience.

On his show on prayer, he refers to concentrating and directing negative energy at others as prayer, while this is more commonly known as hexing and vexing. Apparently he is so all-powerful with his so-called 'powers' which he likes to mention but never delineate, he has exceeded God's function in the arena of prayer.

Recently he asked again that we turn our eyes to the skies in anticipation of oncoming contact.
'The environment is beyond our control, people are ready for the science and to not call these creatures god's' - to loosely paraphrase his dribble.

'Otherworldliness' is essential to the decline of civilization.

The environmental movement as started by the nazis and big business was concerned with capping growth so as to concentrate profits and social control, it was essential that the oncoming catastrophe contain a double message.

He claims to be a victim of mind control, and then surreptiously condemns those who suffer the ravages of these abuses.

In lieu of his failure to address the social and economic issues without cowardice and given his propensity to resort to science as a way of declining honest discourse on the subjects affecting one fifth of the world's population and due to the toxic and destructive nature of his forum, let us christen the monstrosity


Time has already done much of that work for us.

They had every right.
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