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Subject The death of Bruce and Brandon Lee...Illuminati Conspiracy?
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Original Message I want to bring to your awareness something that may well be of interest to you. I have been a fan of Bruce Lee since I was a child and I am also a fan of his late son Brandon also. Anyway, I've been researching the conspiracy myself for many years and it wasnt until lately that I discovered something very strange!

I had an urge to watch Brandons final movie: 'The Crow', and after learning all about illuminati symbolism, I feel that without doubt, Brandon Lee was ritually murdered.....

As you are probably well aware Brandon met his tragic end whilst filming "The Crow" back in 1994 - when a supposed dummy bullet accidentally fired into his mid section - killing him in the process. I believe his death was deliberately ordained

If you watch his movie, you will find that there is a horrific rape sequence within the apartment complex of the girfriend of Eric Draven (Brandon Lee). Now whats particularly interesting about this, is that this brutal act takes place inside a 'pyramid' frame with the all seeing eye above it - the very illuminati pyramid we are all now becoming familiar with today.....

If you also watch the movie again, you will see the familiar appearance of the Chrysler 'pheonix' logo, which seems to dominate the entire screen. As you are probably well aware - the Chrysler logo is an illuminati symbol and it appears frequently through out the whole of the movie.

Bruce Lee himself also spoke about a 4th dimensional demon or a watcher who had been following him all his life until his tragic death in 1973. Indeed, the Chinese were very superstitious and believe strongly in the existence of these 4D entities, so much so, that any male child born, the chinese would disguise as a 'female' to deter the watchers from taking the babies life.

My understanding is that thet the illuminati Li bloodline of hong kong - is connected to both Bruce and Brandon, hence Bruces birth name 'Li Jun Fan' and his father's 'Li Hoi Cheun' -- they are offshoots from that genealogical lineage.

Also, if I may point out one more thing: If you refer back to Brandon's earlier 1992 movie "Rapid Fire", there is a sequence where Brandon is in a building and he is under fire from triads. Now, in one certain clip of this sequence, Brandon does a 'flip up' from the floor and if you look in the immediate background, you will see what appears to be a faceless figure of a man sitting in the background.. And whats more; in 'The Crow', you can see this figure re-emerge once again in a shot where the camera is panning across a series of buildings.......very eerie indeed.

[link to www.stargods.org]

[link to www.killermovies.com]
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