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Subject Calling LIGHTWORKERS! A Meeting Place !
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Original Message I feel a quickening in the energy and it feels positive. Soon the change we have been trying to become will be here. Many of you/us are going through some strange and challenging cleansing, and mental and physical changes, some of which you don't really understand and may wish to share. This exercise is really about Knowing Thyself and understanding The Law of One; that we are all one and connected.

Being a Lightworker or just being AWAKE can be a lonely experience. This thread is to help you alleviate that.

Here is place where you can share your Lightwork experiences and/or problems.

There are also many who may wish to gain more information about the Earth and Galactic changes, or how to protect themselves, their loved ones or help create better realities for each other and the planet. hf hf

This thread is for all of you who would like to share inspiration, channelled messages, ideas. It is open to ALL - even debunkers and trolls are welcome!

It may also be where we can propose joint meditations for peace and freedom. It's not so much about fighting the darkness, but more about rising up above it.

Here, you can scream, swear, cry or laugh...there is no holes barred and let's be clear, we are still on Earth so we will still have Earthly emotions to eradicate. We are not above a bit of ranting! We are not here to judge each other, but to assist and support each other.

I'll kick off with an uplifting message from Arcturus, taken from the NESARA thread.

Now is the time for action, as Grey Lensman stated in The Roman's thread and now is the time for UNITY. I'm hoping people like The Gridkeeper and Elohim Maji, 20-40, Dilatoriness, Earth Daughter, Amethyst, Atlan, FearNot, Dexter and many others join me and contribute.

Warrior for truth and freedom!

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