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Subject Iraq invasion to steal alien artifacts/technology
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Original Message Iraq invasion to steal alien artifacts/technology

[link to shamelesscreations.blogspot.com]

snip" As soon as the invasion of Baghdad began, the museum was secured by U.S. troops. The museum was looted, while guards stood at the door. The worst part of the looting took place four levels below the ground, in vaults that had multiple layers of security, which were opened with codes and keys--secret safes containing mysterious objects from the dawn of our civilization, items that vanished under the cover of gunfire and the watchful guard of the soldiers surrounding the museum.
The story certainly gives credence to the idea that one faction of a secret government is battling another, or at least that the leaders of Iraq had found something that the government of the U.S. wanted in that museum.
Here's a bit from the theory presented at Future Technology From the Past:

"Anti-gravity, longevity, cures for AIDS and cancer, limitless free energy, faster-than-light space travel --- no wonder certain persons would go to any lengths to obtain, or conceal, such knowledge. As detailed in Jim Marrs’ “underground bestseller” Rule by Secrecy, the United States has long been governed by men connected to secret societies such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati and the Freemasons. All of these groups can be traced back to even earlier societies, all with a particular interest in alchemy and the occult.
It may well have been this interest and knowledge that prompted certain U.S. leaders with secret society connections to desire sending troops into Iraq in 2003.
This desire may have been intensified after ABC News reported nearly 400 ancient Sumerian artifacts were discovered in Iraq in 1999 in the southern Iraqi town of Basmyiah, about 100 miles south of Baghdad. The Iraqi New Agency said the objects ranged from animal and human-shaped “toys” to cuneiform tablets and even “ancient weapons”. At least one cylinder seal depicted a tall person thought to represent the ancient King Gilgamesh. The antiquities were dated to about 2500 B.C., said excavation team leader Riyadh al-Douri. Further discoveries in Iraq were made in 2002 and early 2003 by archeologists from the Bavarian department of Historical Monuments in Munich, Germany using digital mapping technology.
According to spokesman Jorg Fassbinder, a magnetometer was utilized to locate buried walls, gardens, palaces and a surprising network of canals that would have made Uruk a “Venice in the desert.” This equipment also located a structure in the middle of the Euphrates River which Fassbinder’s team believed to be the tomb of Gilgamesh, the ancient king who claimed to be two-thirds god and only one-third human. An epic poem describing Gilgamesh’s search for the secret of immortality was inscribed on clay tablets more than 2,000 years ago and is thought to be one of the oldest books in history. Reportedly, other astonishing finds were being made during this time by both German and French archaeological teams given permission to excavate by Saddam Hussein. It may be worth noting that Germany and France were the two nations most opposed to the U.S. invasion in 2003."
I'm tellin' ya, the world is a weird place. And it's as good a reason as I've heard about why Bush wanted so badly to invade Iraq. It may be that it's just another battle in the long war fought between two families that rule the world.
Isn't it fun to think about, anyway?
posted by Shameless at 9:04 PM" ding, ding, wake up sunshine!
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