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Subject Hunter S Thomson Knew About The Reptilians, Satanists and Their Practise Of Human Sacrifice
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Original Message His last book, the guy knew about the Reptilians and the secret society ritual sacrifice the elite are into, no doubt about it, the movie 'fear and loathing and tripped out bad when he did 'adrenal gland' only available on the black market, his friend got the Black Market drug from 'satanists', his buddies eyes turned into slits + then the scene where they're in the bar and everyone turns into reptilians.

Go look up the only Fritz Springmeier interview on You Tube, Fritz talks about a black market drug that satanists obtain will torturing a victim and extracting liquid from the adrenal gland with a needle. It supposedly gives the drug user a very powerfull high.

He was murdered when he started writing a book on wtc 7.

Dots connect.

The part with the adrenal gland + satanists selling it on the blackmarket, and the shapeshifting of the eyes from normal human pupils to reptilian slits when the drug was consumed. Combine that with the shapeshifting of humans to reptilians while they were in the bar and the costume reptilian tail attatched to depp.

This is very profound information, if you have read some of Hunters books you would understand.

In his last book before he was murdered, he alluded many times to a dark secret untouchable powerfull network that runs the planet from behind the scenes. One that feeds off the innocent, young and weak(children).

The articles which pinned him to Bohemian grove also point to Hunter as someone who was in the 'know' but not exactly on their 'team'.
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