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Subject 12th Imam Mahdi = Antichrist?
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Original Message Following are some of the attributes of the Mahdi according to their own Islamic sources. Christians should note that the resemblance to the Antichrist is striking to say the least:

1. He will appear suddenly near the end of time in Mecca.

2. He will be descended from Mohammed.

3. He will stutter.

4. He will shine like an Israelite.

5. He will unite and reform the Muslims.

6. He will have a mole on his left or right cheek.

7. His eyebrows will mix.

8. He will rule Islam from Jerusalem for 7 years. Note that according to Scripture, Antichrist rules the world from Jerusalem for seven years.

9. He will have hundreds of close companions including Elijah, Elisha, the Seven Sleepers, and al-Khidr.

10. His coming will be announced by earthquakes, sea storms, and a fire over the sky of Basra.

11. He will be a fanatical Muslim.

12. Mahdi the archaeologist: He is called the guided one because he will be guided to the place of the Ark. He will find the Ark of the Covenant. A group of Jews and Christians will come to debate him. Just as they declare victory, he will produce a copy of the real Bible from the Ark. The Jews and Christians will then admit that islam was right all long and convert. Some will refuse and be subsequently beheaded. Note that beheading is Antichrist's preferred method of execution according to Revelation.

13. A mountain of gold will be discovered under the Euphrates.

14. The people of Iraq will help him.

15. The world will love him. Note that the world will marvel after Antichrist.

16. He will have a gap between his tooth.

17. He will receive guidance and knowledge from Allah.

18. He will be helped by Jesus. Note that Antichrist will be helped by the Beast. Despite the fact that Jesus is a messenger of Allah and Mahdi is only a caliph of Allah, Jesus will pray behind Mahdi.

19. He will be charismatic, young, and very handsome. Half the women of Rome will convert to Islam in the hope of joining his harem. But Antichrist lacks the desire of women.

20. He will fill the world with peace and justice.

21. A great army will march against him in Syria. However, the earth will open up and swallow this army. Scripture calls Antichrist the Assyrian.

22. He will receive aid from the East. Mohammed reportedly said, "Many armies will come after me. You must join the one from Khorasan. That is the army of the caliph."

23. Mahdi must battle Gog, Magog, and Dajjal; the Islamic Antichrist.

24. He will be beardless.

25. He will be rich and will give wealth to the people of the world freely. He will cause crops to grow. Antichrist and Beast will have great power on earth.

26. His personality will be similar to Mohammed's.
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