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Subject Purported Message/Warning from Young Alien
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Original Message Dear forum members,
I received an e-mail which purports to be from a young man of offworlder origin. I have my doubts, although every time I read it, I find parts of it very convincing, and can detect no obvious telltale indications of it being a hoax. In all probability though, based on the history of such things, it is an exercise in fiction.

I can only swear that I did not write this, and that I have nary a clue as to its author. I have had this for almost 24 hours and have gone back and forth as to what to do with it. My decision at the end is to post it as requested, but with a serious caveat: Reader Beware. Just because it sounds like it could be true is not proof in itself. It just haunts me to think that I might block an actual communication from an alien, with important info in it.

This is most of the text. For the purpose of brevity (I was a professional editor) I have pulled some seemingly less-important paragraphs out. These are more of a personal nature by the kid Ė or whoever the heck it is Ė as well as some stuff about Enki, Enlil and that gang, but I can post that material at a later date. I of course did no textual editing, and did not excise any sentences from their original paragraphs.

Here is all of his note to me, followed by the bulk of his e-mail.

Dear M.,
You do not personally know me, but please have regard for what I am sending you, as it is all true, to my best ability to decipher. My name is Had and I am of the planet Abra, the world some of you think is called Nibiru. My forefathers were the ancient gods, or ancient astronauts of your lore. I am 12 years old, and have spent most of my life here, but soon Iíll be sent back to Abra. I am very angry and upset about what my people have done here, and what they plan to do in the near future. Please send my transmission to as many website forums as you think appropriate. This is not a joke. The people like you need to know the truth, whether or not it will change anything, which I frankly think it wonít, but maybe some of you can prepare better if you know the actual facts.

I am sending this from my fatherís computer, but without his knowledge, as I am being punished, and have been stripped of my laptop. Iím hoping my father wonít notice something in his sent box, but if I register on any boards, I know they will send an email confirmation notice.

A solid half of the people on those UFO/Forbidden History boards I consider to be Ďholes, people with half a notion and too much attitude, who compensate their ignorance with bravado and disdain. (But, Iíll admit, with some entertainment quality, like watching South Park.) But there are also so many who strive hard to understand reality in a (cruelly and deliberately) confusing world. My heart aches for them and their hopes for knowledge and wisdom.
Give Care,

I wish Greetings to all among you. I am Had from the planet Abra. Many of you refer to my world as Nibiru, or in the Sumerian records as Heaven, but if I have time I will explain what the facts are in that regard.

We are a people who come from a planet in a solar system which partially overlaps yours, as our suns constitute a binary system. Due to a cosmic collision in ancient times, the same primordial matter seeded on our world was seeded on yours. Ours developed faster, and we came to you about 450,000 years ago, building a colony, and later grafting our genes with those of primitives. (Much of that history can be read in the work of Zecharia Sitchin, whose work I can state authoritatively is somewhat more than 50% accurate.) In the annals of modern Ufology, we are often called "Nordics" or "Tall Blondes." There are several thousand of us mixed in with the population, some in high positions of responsibility..

My father is stationed here as a soldier/operative, whose job includes mixing in with humans. For the record, my father was the so-called Nordic who calmed Travis Walton down after he bolted from the exam room. I also have mixed in. I am of the age 12 and-a-half, and attended a human school for two years.

I am at this moment typing on a computer in my fatherís (he thought) impregnable office. He is on an assignment but I noticed where he stuck the key. I am sending this email to someone my father has a file on, so I know that this person is on many UFO/Forbidden History boards. In the short time I have while he is away, I plan on revealing heretofore secret (to most humans) information. What I am doing is a serious transgression, but I am already under punishment, and scheduled to be sent back to Abra in a few days, a story I may get to in a bit. My father is very upset because he has to leave his job here to take me back, and may not return for ďThe Events.Ē You should know in front that I, like a sizeable minority on Abra, have sympathy for you, and object to what has occurred here, and will occur.

Now that Iím about to jump into this pool, I find myself shying from the ledge. But we have a saying on my world which translates as "The river of truth is filled by tears." (Yes, such a happy people are we.) My sense of these forums is that they are populated by sincere seekers of the truth, most of whom just want to know whatís what, and who have the courage to face anything. Well, hang on dear searchers, here comes a big dose of "anything."

In the next several years, culminating in 2012, there will be a series of cataclysmic events, mostly of a "natural" sort, but some of those not natural but rather designed or intensified by my planetís people, working with some other races. (I will refer to them as "The Combine.") The horrific agenda is quite full, and starts with a devastating fly-by of a large planetary body which causes severe earthquake and supervolcano eruptions (primary: Yellowstone) as well as two CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) which fry the respective hemispheres. Let me explain that the sun will then be at solar maximum anyway, and further agitated by the cosmic particles in this space zone. So the sun will be incited into unprecedented solar ejections by the passing of this planet, but the Combine ships plan to engineer the timing of the CMEs to affect, strategically, both hemispheres..

Then, proceeding in an order not entirely clear to me, there will occur a magnetic pole shift and a flood nearly as big as the biblical one, caused by the ice cap sliding into the ocean. At some point during all of this, there will be a large asteroid impact into the sea (this is Toutatis, and it has been ďaimedĒ) which causes a massive tsunami. Oh, and at some point Earth will probably stop spinning for a few days. The end result, in terms of victims, is that all will be killed except around 100 million of you. Iíve heard my father refer to these as the ďpesky little rats.Ē

My only recommendations to you for survival is to get as high as you can and still be near a fresh water source. Cover the roof of your dwelling with lead or a few coats of lead-containing paint. Itís best if you burrow down, because there will be extreme solar radiation and the atmosphere mightl become stripped temporarily.

It has long been known that their would be a confluence of astronomic, solar and geologic cycles occurring between 2010 and 2012 which would endanger everything on your world. What my people have done, bottom brutal line, is make business deals to enrich themselves at your expense, taking advantage of the tragedy you will soon be overwhelmed by.

If you have a weak stomach or heart, you best desist from reading the next few paragraphs.

Under the guise of helping the survivors and removing the dead bodies (which will need to be removed for disease prevention) The Collective will freeze-dry these corpses, along with as much livestock (deadstock) as they can gather up, and sell them as food to certain races with whom they have contracted with. Havenít you ever wondered why the religions, especially in the West, inveigh against birth control and abortion when that obviously is bad social policy? Or why the insane mass peddling of beef has multiplied exponentially, with the proliferation of cows now totaling in the billions, when that means very poor land usage and unhealthy diet? And most people seemingly competing in a weight-gain contest? Havenít you ever wondered why it seemed like the sudden "obesity epidemic" resembled the fattening of a herd? Do you understand now the reasons for secrecy? (What part of this could the human Powers-That-Be share with the masses?)

There will be a great deception perpetrated against the elite with whom certain deals were struck. In exchange for their cooperation (their traitorous betrayal of you) many things have been promised to them. They are under the mistaken impression that they will be the rulers of a unified world of 500-600 million surviving humans, and that the planet will be shared (as co-equals) with 250 million or so aliens, mostly Abrans and human/gray hybrids. They have been assured that certain areas will be spared, and that underground enclaves of certain specifications will be immune. But many of these bunkers will become tombs, because the persons my father works for despise this class of humans Ė so arrogant and obnoxious are they. (One of them lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, although he is more like a puppet. Cheney is much deeper involved.)

What will be left after the cataclysmic events will be more like 50-150 million human survivors, and half of them will be taken off-planet to serve as workers on ships and factories and mining colonies. Or, in the case of the more attractive females, sexual servitude. Some of these folks will think that they are being "raptured." This is an endless source of amusement to my dad and his friends.

But some will be purposely saved. Thereís a long list of people (and various artifacts) which is being compiled for evacuation purposes. Most celebrities will be happy to hear that they are on the list; some may not be pleased with their new jobs. Many many artists are on the list, and a sizeable number of those who have shown themselves to be avid about Ufology and sci-fi. Also I have noted a lot of tech people on the save list, and Iíve heard father talk about retraining classes for good engineers. The smallest numbers will be from the ranks of the politicians, lawyers, bankers, business executives, etc. The words of the Great One will be made true: ďIt is more likely for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter Heaven.Ē My father does a lot of his work in this field, and recommends people for implants, which are basically just transceivers Ė locaters, but with communication capabilities.

The humans who remain will not be self-governing; they will be subject to edicts by The Combine. The survivors will be sorted by skills and assigned appropriate jobs, but a high percentage will be hard-labor jobs, like mining and construction. Most of the females (the ones who evade the sex servitude) will be enjoined to housekeeping companies. Some females will just be given the role of procreator/mother (to create new workers, trained from birth).

After this period of devastation has passed sufficiently, there will be several alien races moving onto this planet. One of them already has a large contingent here, domiciled in underground and underwater encampments. These races have been deeded specific areas, depending on their preferences, and have paid high prices, owing to the fact that this is a quite beautiful world with very rich natural resources. There will also be a very large Abran group. All together, from what I know, about 400 million. This is owing to environmental problems back home, which may culminate in all of us (2 billion total) being forced to relocate in the future. The Abran arrivals will live in Mesopotamia, all of Africa and a portion of India.

Half the reason for the anger of those like me against Enlilís Earth policy is the unconscionable carnage which will be inflicted. But the other half is the leadersí attitude, from smug talk of a ďnecessary pruningĒ of a race wrongly and hastily created, to triumphal proclamations of victorious political and economic policies, policies which are resulting in a huge influx into the planetís treasury, as well as alliances with certain races which have been previously problematic to us. (But other races, more advanced races, are at displeasure with Abra now because of these evil decisions.) So, to them, itís not a matter of ruthless colonialism or heartless exploitation, itís a smart move, a big payday, an expansion of our planetary relations. Disgusting!!

I realize that it is not easy for you to resist judging my planetís people based on what the leaders and princes and princesses have conducted while here. I do not blame you for any resentments you may have, as they are deserved. But most people on my world are more ethical and conscientious than those you have been subjected to. The same analogy is of course true regarding the behavior of leaders on this world. They donít always reflect the best of the people they are born from; they are more avaricious, arrogant and driven. As your saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. You need only study the history of kings on Earth to know how this is true. So in my strange way I am at the same time asking for forgiveness and ceding that it is not really deserved.

I may not be able to send anything else, but please feel free to comment and ask questions on the forums, and if I can gain access to my fatherís computer again, or if Iím allowed any friends to visit before I leave, I will try to use their puters to read and respond. Also, the possibility exists that a compatriot of mine, also the son of a soldier, may be able to channel through my responses in a future time. (Or himself rise to the task of being the truthteller to humans, although I know him to be somewhat timorous.) At the least, I should be able to find a computer or ally on the ship back home, and send something to my friends and/or the present source. They will try to intercept these contacts, but, just as is here true, the young have primacy in the tech-zone, and some of us know how to stay one step ahead of the older ones.

While I still have time, I want to mention a few things about the secret societies. They were originally s
must go father is back.
give care
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