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Subject Alien Contact and changes in Human Blood - Abnormal CK Levels
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Original Message I was just on History Channel show UFO hunters where it was revealed that they had found 2 contactees, Myself & and a ex-marine Terrell have both been in contact with what seemed like the same group of ET's and both of us have filmed the same "Muti-colored balls of fire Plasma type craft" that are now showing up worldwide

Also, This part was taken out of the show for some reason but The same bed of Spiriual knowledge was given to both of us, Thought/Belief Creates reality. This same bed of Knowledge is now making it into the masses as we speak through movies like The Secret,What The Bleep, The Matrix, Star Wars, Etc. The Seth Material is my favorite communication of TRUTH

I then found out I was being flown to Boston to have Blood work done becase this other Contactee also had a very rare & Strange blood disorder, he had Crazy high levels Creatine Kinase in his blood, normal is around 200, his was over 2,000 he was discharged from the military becasue of this.

None of the Military doctors could figure out the cause because the release of these CK's is usually from Muscle of Heart Damage. In Terrells case, it seems his Heart and muscles are just fine.

Terrell was tested on the UFO hunters show by a harvard Docor who was astoshed to find that after 8 years since the Military had last tested Terrell, His CK levels were still through the roof and the doctor said that was very abnormal and he could not explain it.

The Dr. told Terrell that perhaps sometype of unkown Virus might be able to trick the body into release large quantities of Creatine Kinase into the blood.

THe UFO Hunters thought wouldn't it be strange if I also ended up with the "Blood Disorder" as Terrell considering our very simular contact and UFO Footage.

Well. The results are in and I also have this "Blood Disorder" My CK levels are above 2000 as well. & I am in fine health.

How does these elevated level of Creatine Kinase in the blood relate to alien contact or is it just a strange coincidence?

I am going to do some of my own research into this and post what I find here,
First off I would like to share a E-mail with you I recieved after the show aired that leads me to believe the Military knows something about this "Blood Disorder" and that they seem to be interested into looking into people who have it.


I just watched the episode of UFO Hunters that featured Terrell
Copeland. I was discharged from military service for the same rare blood
disorder. My military career was strange. There were always off the wall
reasons why I would be singled out to submit blood for testing or have a
random physical. At one point I was being tested weekly. I felt fine. I
didn't really understand the reason for the tests. The doctor would
always ask me if I was feeling well and I would always say "yes".
Eventually a van load of chiefs and a few officers came to my barracks and
apprehended me in the middle of the night. They never told me anything.
They literally grabbed me and took me to the van. I was taken to the
hospital and strapped down. I was made unconscious. I don't exactly know how
long I was out but when I awoke, I was hospitalized for 3 more days.
During the 3 days I was hooked to a baking soda IV to lower my CK
levels. They were reported to be in excess of 33k. I was supposed to transfer
on one of the days I was hospitalized. When I got out I went directly
to get new orders and transferred. I never mentioned the incident to
anyone until later in my career when I started having serious symptoms.
Today the never give me a true reading of my CK levels they just say
it's 2500+. I don't know if there is any connection between CK levels and
UFO contact, but I think it would be a great benefit for me to know
more about my disorder. Just like Terrell, they never gave me a reason
for my condition. They just eventually gave up and discharged me. Terrell
is the only other person I've ever heard of with a similar condition.
I would like to compare our symptoms and experiences. I've never seen a
UFO but I do feel disconnected from the world at times and I do feel
"energy" around me most of the time. I'm intrigued by the possibility of
higher beings living on earth but I'm more interested in knowing as
much as I can about my health. Can you please send me any info you guys
gathered about elevated CK levels or forward my contact info to Terrell.
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