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Original Message Gore vs. Bush was Our Collective American Waterloo.

This first link below this commentary is to Vincent Bugliosi's brilliant evaluation and moral and legal condemnation of Gore vs. Bush is a long one but well worth the read. In it is the best synopsis written so far in my opinion on why the five Supreme Court Justices who against Al Gore in 2001 should be brought up for impeachment by the Legislative Branch of government. THIS is the impeachment process that should be demanded as all of the problem we are now facing came as a result of this single "decision" (swindle) of these five proxy-you-know-whats of the Rebuplican Neocon Zionist Armageddonist pedophiles, traitors and sell-outs ...and pirates and sons of pirates who are directly descended from pirates and slave traders (not to mention Nazi-supporters and backers of Adolf Hitler and fascist-sympathizers).

Bugliosi brilliantly explains in very clear terms why this decision was completely erroneous and outside any legal precendent and way beyond their powers under limited constitutional perameters ....it was and is simply a criminal act and an ethical breach of conduct by these five Republican-appointed judges and plainly impeachable under the law.

The second article is a good example of the evil fruits that have been wrought under the cascade of events brought about by this single most important case to ever be brought before the court. It clearly didn't just impact us ...U.S., but changed the world irrevocably. 911, the illegal Iraq War and illegal occupation; millions dead; millions displaced; poltical dissent to the war suppressed at home through accusations and innuendo of 'colusion' with the enemies and "unpatritotic speech" hollared at us 24/7 from the government(fascist)friendly media hacks on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC aka General Electtric,McDowell Douglas, Haliburton,Exxon, et al; the Enron Scandal; Plame-gate; Prosecutor-gate; record profits with gasolene price-gouging by Big Oil,Hurricane Katrina Debacle; millions displaced, thousands dead; the politization and supression of science, the supression about global-warming and environmental degradation at a species-threatening rate all in support and in tandem with the will of the Corporate puppet-masters; the militarization of civilian police agencies with virtual license to kill and oppress The People with brave new weapons; no-fly lists with names like Cat Stevens and Nelson Mandela listed as international potential terrorists and 'threats' to this country (threats because of their spiritual, and in the case of Stevens, artistic messages of interacial/intereligious peace and friendship instead of hatred and war); one million 'terrorist' watchlist; the building inside in the US of detention centers; the war against Mexican immigrants including false imprisonment and kidnapping of their children and felonization of immigrant labor; the aggressive increase in the prosecution and incarceration of minorities in this county; particularily Mexican and Blacks; the military (death squads) assassinations of journalists and academics and activists overseas ....especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Palestine; the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan; the illegal spying and infiltration of legally assembled peace groups and environmental activists at home; the Abramoff scandal and the Franklin Spy Case that breached the higest levels on national security in the Pentagon; the appointment of crony-hack Porter Goss and the purging of the 'patriots' wihtin the Intelligence apparatus; the Mossad and their Zionist proxies within the US who perpetrated 911 to advance their Imperialist wet dreams of a Greater Israel (along with their secret/not-so-secret alliance to China and our degradation of our currency on the world markets and economic strangle-hold by China ...Prime Minister soon to be ex Ehud Omert's parents were born in China, btw) and their "free" market capialistic weapon of mass destruction to scavange and pirate the resources and wealth of other countries less able to defend themselves and to give them free reign to continue their opression, persecution and outright genocide and individual murder of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; the rise of power and influence in our political, social and economic strata of fundamentalist zealots of the religious right-wing aligned Armageddonists/Zionists taking over every facet of our government and Intelligence and Military; illegal-wiretapping on the American Public, the stripping away of the Fourth Amendment, not to mention the severe suppression of the First and Fifth. Rendition, kidnapping, incarceration, torture, murder on mostly all of them Islamic people (who also happen to to be Arab and Afghani and brown-skinned) and many more assassinated including Benazir Bhutto. Murder, torture. Murder, torture, murder, torture. ...all in the name of "national security" which by any other name is a tyranny of lies.

These Justices are accomplices to all of these catastrophic and far reaching events that would have never been for it were that they acted morally and justly instead of like the stollies they were ...and still are ... as it was they who illegally and immorally empowered these criminals running our country into ruin on a history changing scale .....and they did so under the color of their constitutional authority and by way of a colaberative conspiracy ....and that, my frineds, is a civil rights violation against the American People and prosecutable under the law.

They should not only be impeached but also tried for High Crimes and Misdemeanors ...including O'Connor,now retired from 'The Bench.'

They sold our country to liars and pirates for their own political advancement and gain and for their own poltical preferences.

And that is treason.

And that, among every thing else mentioned herein and in Bugliosi's astute article, is grounds for impeachment of the Supreme Court justices who illegally appointed Bush president from The Bench and in violation of The Constitution of The United States of America; the 'formerly' highest law of The Land.

Now, if only we had the collective will to force those in Washignton supossedly 'acting on our behalf' to enforce it.

Why do we waste our time supporting the symbolic impeachment of the puppet-dictator Bush; a Fool and a scapegpoated pawn, when we could impeach and remove the scoundrals hiding under the color of authority of those long dark robes and rid our future generations of the karmic baggage of the ongoing degradations of their catastrophic betrayal of the Constitution and their oaths of office while their loyalties were, and are, still empowering the Enemies of The People.



Read here for your intiation:

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Questions and answers on impeaching The Bench;

[link to answers.yahoo.com]

[link to encarta.msn.com]


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