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Subject My meeting with ET
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Original Message Many here know me, I am the guy who has filmed UFO's over Lake Erie and most recently I was on the History Channel's UFO Hunters.

I have a new devolopment I would like to share with my GLP Buds, this is a doozy :-)

I have begun my research into this Anunnaki field because I am a ET Contactee, They have let me film their Merkaba Light Ships (Orbs) as well.

I had telepathic communication for some time but I never met the Et's behind the wheel until recently, More on that in a little bit.

Because my footage has gained nationwide media attention, I recently found myself on an episode of The History Channel's "UFO Hunters" show. The episode was called "Alien Contact"

The History channel flew me to Boston for medical tests & Bloodwork, They found I have a very rare Blood condition, all of this is discussed in the other GLP thread I posted here previously

Thread: Alien Contact and changes in Human Blood - Abnormal CK Levels

Fast forward now to around a month or so ago, I found myself taken into a meeting with the what I was told were aliens, Anunnaki to be exact, during a camping trip!!!!

Or at least that was what I was led to believe, I am not sure if all present was Anunnaki or perhaps other races of ET's, or perhaps it was all a setup by alphabet soup agencies to confuse me.

I am now confused so that just might be it :-)

At this point I knew nothing of the Anunnaki, After a 10 minute or so interrogation that involved some type of Mind probing, the devices looked like Ink Pens with a really bright Purple LED at the end of it.

This being that seemed like the Leader was in contact with secret groups of the Government,

I ended up having a meeting with the so called Anunnaki regarding our thoughts on First Contact and what the ramifications would be for humanity, I found it strange to be sitting there discussing such things but for some reason, I felt comfortable.

They told me their (Anunnaki) life span is much longer than the human life span and if they left for say a vacation for a two weeks or so & then returned, thousands of years will have passed, I was told they are now returning and their return will also bring about this new phase for humanity and new leadership within the Anunnaki as well.

Humanity has been undergoing or was completing some type of experiment, he said there were two "camps" within the Anunnaki and each "side" (Light & Dark) had an appointed leader with let's say 20 hopeful prospects under each side. He said during this experiment that some of the 20 people from each side would be lost for one reason or another and at the end of this cycle, the side with more "folks" still standing wins the right to create the new Game-plan for humanity so to speak, for the age of Aquarius.

From what I understood, the light has won and that I was somehow a part of this "Anunnaki team/camp, It seemed to me that all agreed that Humanity has earned the right to be treated as equals so to speak to the Anunnaki, As far as the change in leadership, I have no clue what this is all about, it was mostly unspoken, at one point Loki did say to that it will be nice for the current "Leader" to now be able to take a rest, there was no ceremony to speak of, as I said, I could be mistaken about the whole change in leadership thing, I have no clue what that even means ya know?

All I can tell you is the fact that I ended up having a seat on this "Council" and having my voice heard on the first contact subject, it was made clear that my vision of a "Open Galactic Humanity" would be given a chance and that I would be involved somehow, I am sorry I can't explain this any better because I was totally ignorant of Anunnaki mythology and I have only been researching them for a month or so, All I can tell you is I was surprised when these beings treated me like I was one of them, The "Leader" showed me so much respect, I'm not sure what happened, I was just left with the feeling by their words & actions that some type of tourch had been passed and that I was somehow attached to the Anunnaki "group" that now holds the tourch so to speak.

I asked when we would have First Contact?

The answer was well before 2012 of coarse.

Any thoughts?

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