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Subject The Weirdest Thing ever ...
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Original Message What is the weirdest thing one can imagine? Well that answer is ... life it self. Everyone has there own body. When i was young, i used to tell myself; I'm the only person on earth that see's in first person mode, im the only one that is able to not see my face without a mirror's reflection, im the only person who has this body that i can control and my thoughts that i can hear inside my head. Now im older, and i realize, everyone single person that ever lived on this planet has there own unique experience of life. It ranges so much, it's pritty much too much to understand how unique and different everyone's life is. And the only reason why we seem not to notice how different we all are is because of how we communicate information, and the groups we often put ourselfs into, almost like a blanket covering our identities. Look at who you are, then expand your mind to your little house or apartment. Now look at your town and the people in it, think of there lives. Now look at your state, look at there lifes, now look at your country. Millions of people, each state with it's own people life style unique city's, towns you've never heard of, people you'll never ever meet in your life, all these people in America. Now realize there are more than 200 other countries. WTF!? 200 countries, 6 billion people? All you know of them are whats on tv, whats been said on tv, perhaps you've been lucky enough to go to one of these other countries. How bout that little island that no one cares about, some people live there too. Now look at our planet, then our solar system, then our galaxy, then millions of other galaxies. Then you look at a dollar bill and realize how small you are compared to the universe, then you see how small the dollar bill is compared to your body. Baisically everything in life is useless. We just make meaning out of it. Paper controls our life. I dunno, i just think it's weird how humans create there own stuff and make meaning into it, and it become so natural to us, since it's been with us, because of past generations, and we live it thinking that's just how life is. And it's so hard to think about it, because theres so much SHIT all over the place. What if we lived one an earth, that the whole place would be our home, not just a shit hole made of wood formed into a square. Everyone would have farms share food, each family would be it's own independent self, moving place to place were ever they wanted, everyone living equally, wtf am i saying. Who cares, my point is i have no point.
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