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Original Message Jupiter ignition!!!!

It is already ignited. It is also 2 days ago on Saturday directly
opposite us on the other side of the sun. I would think based on last
year and the annual cycle if not interfered with, it would be back
visible in our sky pre dawn close to the end of March. The ignition
energies travel considerably slower than light. They are different,
so we don't use speed light to define them and they have to pass
through the sun, which was the point in waiting so it will absorb and
filter some of them. That is why the sun is very quiet, so it can
absorb some of the energy. It is NOT quiet on the other side,
computer models are producing a lot of activity on the other side.

As an example of energies traveling slower than light, it takes 8
minutes for light from the sun to get here, however, the energies
from a coronal hole take usually 4-5 days to arrive.

Take care

[link to groups.yahoo.com]


I don't think we will be waiting until Jupiter is visible again but
much depends on how the Mother and the people respond.It takes what
it takes. At this time we have given up hope of any announcements,
and that depends on whether the satillites work after the initial
energies arrive, most of TV and radio is satlillite now. The dark
side has begun leaving for their underground hidely holes, as they

If there is opportunity we may try to explain what is coming. But
this is not announcements, in terms of what casper and others have
been pushing, and that has not been the plan for sometime now, as it
was determined no funds would be released etc, and it was highly
unlikely to be able to get the thugs out of office before Jupiter.
Also, I want all of you, if you have not, ponder the effects of
announcement on the people who are quite uniformed in the first
place. It might increase the fear, it might help. I am frankly not
sure what the balance of the reactions will be. If there is
announcement, it will be Esu himself doing it. Will people accept him
as Jesus? Just think on the topic.

As is being discussed right now, stasis would likely occur within a
week after Jupiter EFFECTS, not visibility are perceived. If the
satillites go down, auroras appear where they never have before, and
people feel fear from the high energies etc, etc, this will certainly
be perceived as something substantial has happened.

Now the reason I put up here and the front site that you could watch
earth being prepared to receive the blast, well, folks, THAT WAS A
GREAT BIG HINT! And then I posted on the front site about dealing
with the symptoms, that was another hint. We are not releasing at
this time the actual dates, but understand the ignition process is
not instant.

They don't just shoot Jupiter and it errupts minutes later, although
they could do that, but we wouldn't get a sun, we'd get another
asteroid belt of some kind! Jupiter was prepared, and then the
process initiated, which started the magnetic and physical and
chemical processes, requiring great temperature and also the
consumption of great energy in the process until it finally "bloomed"

If we had given dates my mail would have become horrid. It is NOT
possible to give exact dates, because of the chemical processes
involved. The preparations took what they took, then the initiation
process, and then it took what it took for Jupiter to "bloom." And it
will take what it takes before the energies begin interacting with
Earth's magnetosphere. OK. so WAIT with patience, but I certainly
hope you took the hint and got a bit of cash and food, in case
electronic stuff doesn't work to well and thus the plastic swipe
cards etc might not work. Did you get flashlights etc in case of
temporary electrical outages???? Are you reasonably prepared for a
short period of discomfort before stasis? Well, if not you will make
do the best you can.

I wasn't going to put out, to watch the show months before the show

[link to groups.yahoo.com]

A dear calling from GOD ATON before STASIS

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
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