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Subject ***Warning***Intel Report Two Aliens Reach Earth
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Original Message ***Warning***Intel Report Two Aliens Reach Earth

Intel Report: Two Aliens Have Reached Earth
February 13, 2009 - There are both eyewitness, and written reports on two alien presences that have been detected and verified to be true. The aliens are said to be from two competing factions and are aggressively conducting highly advanced psychological integration, specifically designed for the human species. This stealth technology is said to possess a high level of mental and emotional control over the intended targets. Infiltration of high level spheres of influence is in full operational mode.
Limited data is available on the competing entities, and is provided as follows:

Entity “A” has offered humankind highly desirable ancient knowledge enabling our race to rapidly accelerate our technological growth. He says this is necessary to combat the secondary entity, which he claims is extremely dangerous. The verifiable data readily available showed that this second entity intends to bring the world system, as we know it, to an abrupt end. Additionally, Entity “A” reports that humankind can become self sustaining, protecting, and usher in an era of peace and prosperity. He claims his race went through a similar period of “adolescent” growth which we are currently experiencing. It nearly destroyed them, but ultimately led to their enlightenment and the current state of glorious self achievement they have attained. Entity “A” says all that is necessary is to give our allegiance to his independent federation. In return for our commitment, he will provide intelligence, technology and other unknown resources, that he ensures us will fulfill this new era of prosperity.

Entity “J” does not deny the claims of the report to destroy the earth as we know it. He says the condition of mankind, as he found it, is unsustainable, and will ultimately end in death. Entity “J” says that our current condition is such that we will need to leave behind all that we know, and surrender to his complete control and care. He promises that there is another place we may go to escape our infirmities. Additionally, he testifies to another entity he calls his “Father.” Entity “J” says that it is his “Father” that gave humankind our beginning. He offers no technology or resources, only his word. He promises that by following him and his “Father” that we will be given eternal life accompanied by everlasting love and joy. However, to inherit this great gift he offers, we must completely forsake our current existence, with no hindrances or reluctance. Finally, he warns that his coming may be at any moment. For those he comes for, the transformation and transportation to this new home, will be nearly instantaneous.

Experts interviewed said that after detailed analysis, the claims were completely contradictory. One strategy clearly is a self reliant rescue plan contingent on Entity “A’s” intelligence report, and his ability to fulfill his commitments. The second tactic is a complete act of “faith” and an “exodus” of Earth ending our way of life as we know it.
The experts believe that the next few years may center on the competing interests of these alien entities for control of the human race. With the advanced power each of the entities it likely will be necessary for each individual to declare a complete allegiance to one side or the other, with no room for neutral parties. They also believe that this environment will likely escalate to an all out “Armageddon” type war.

[link to pub48.bravenet.com]
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