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Subject The violent overthrow of the government - Concentration camps are ready in every state
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Original Message Are you ready for the violent overthrow of the United States federal government? The federal government is. Do you wonder why? Well, wonder no more. The greatest depression is just barely started, and all federal plans are intended to deepen and prolong the crushing economic disaster. How many of our 320 million population will have to be homeless or starving before the riots reduce this country to a rubble-strewn war zone?

Now consider this: The concentration camps [see [link to www.youtube.com] were built years ago because the riots were planned and engineered. The 20-26 million Mexican refugees, the open Mexican border, and the hideous banking practices were necessary to precipitate the housing bubble, the collapse, and the subsequent riots. Economic pressures are forcing states to open their prison doors. That should provide the final sparks needed to begin the conflagration.

Plagued with 411,000 home foreclosures, California hasn't been able to pay its bills for weeks. Other states and cities have no idea where the money for their budget gaps is coming from. In neighboring Arizona, where at least one copper mine and its town are closing, foreclosures have reached nearly 99,000 homes. Kansas is bankrupt. In Michigan, the median price of a house in Detroit has fallen to $7,500.

Now that America is bankrupt from coast to coast, this would be an ideal time to stop pretending that most Americans are liable for an income tax. Permanently dismantle that beast, and turn Americans loose to rediscover the incentive they once had to produce and save. Americans don't need a bailout; they need to keep 100 percent of their income, to save and spend as they see fit, free of government coercion.

[link to yannone.blogspot.com]
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