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Subject Pat Boone dreams of civilian uprising removing Obama then installing him as president
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Original Message Entertainer Pat Boone in a WorldNetDaily column writes that he dreamed that an uprising removed all U.S. government leaders and when the dust settled he was president. In the column he begins with his dream new bulletin:

News Bulletin: In a stunning, unprecedented civilian uprising, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid were recalled and sent packing. Practically overnight, responding to the national emergency, an extraordinary election propelled entertainer/activist Pat Boone into the White House. The new president just revealed his first-term agenda. ...

Wow, I had this crazy dream last night! Maybe it's something I ate, or more likely, all the insane stuff we've all been hearing constantly on the news. I say "insane" because the measures and pronouncements being made by our president and our Congress – without consulting at all with the folks who elected them! – are truly the stuff of nightmares. But it's all happening, in real time and right before our eyes.

In his dream he lays out a detailed agenda; replacing Treasury Secretary Geithner with Steve Forbes, forcing bailed out companies to file bankruptcy, extending temporary assistance to those losing jobs as a result and a zero-sum budget that he “…would defend with my life and honor.”

He dreams of a flat tax, a return to the gold standard and telling the judiciary "Hands off religion, as the First Amendment dictates. And you will no longer legislate from the bench. Keep your personal ideas to yourselves, and enforce the legislated will of the people." He ends aid to countries that vote against U.S. positions in the U.N. "If they're not for us, they're agin' us. They can go on without our aid." and would overturn the Obama provisions aiding to the people of Gaza and international family planning agencies.

He finally awakens “…tingling with excitement – only to find I'd been dreaming. But I can't get it out of my mind.”

Recently right wing Americans have organized to make Mr. Boone’s dream come true. From fomenting rebellion in the military, to seceding from the Union and surrounding domestic enemies, the call of Joe Hill “Don’t mourn, organize” is heeded, but with a sense of danger and hostility. It may be a dream to take up arms to overthrow the government, but it is unclear if the dreamers understand that what for them may be a thought experiment; for the next Timothy McVeigh may be marching orders.

[link to www.examiner.com]
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