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Subject haarp sleep disruption and illness from emf haarp_READ IT AND WEEP
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Original Message [link to www.redicecreations.com]

Bearing in mind the fact that HAARP waves can touch all the body we should realise that it often causes sudden and great pains in different parts of the body, e.g.: poisoning, dyspnoea (difficult breathing), changes in blood pressure and heart rhythm, congestion, constipation or diarrhea, toothache, swelling, limbs' numbness, cramps and unintentional shakiness different part of body.

Electromagnetic beams can also create ulcers and hemorrhoids. HARRP can change body weight and cause hunger or thirst and vice versa - diminish it. Of course, these are not all possible symptoms. Others maybe are likely too but, fortunately, I didn't experience them. Although I had so many alarming symptoms, I didn't go to a doctor as well as I didn't take medicines. I simply knew that someone was in charge of it, that my body was penetrated by some unknown forces. Probably thanks to my carefulness and the fact I didn't take any remedies I am still healthy. I realise that HAARP can act completely and surprisingly noiselessly and subconsciously. It can act without revealing itself. One can doubt if HAARP has an influence on him or her or if he or she is seriously ill. But in my opinion, the best advice while talking about human health is the temperature of the body. Even the slightest indisposition (even like women's menstruation) changes the temperature.

Nowadays doctors say that large amount of diseases is caused by viruses. These diseases, what is strange, do not engender high temperature. If we went back to the 50s., we would see that viruses were completely unknown. It always concerns me why there are so many virus diseases. Where are they form? I think that these are particularly diseases caused by HAARP weapon ? HAARP's impacts on human beings are dated from 1960. Since 1930 Tesla'a waves have been on probation. Remote touching by Tesla's beams had been tested


HAARP since the very beginning has been interested in human and animal brain. Nowadays it can easily change people's moods or even personalities. HAARP can cause laugh, cry (without any reason), apathy, aggression, hypersensitiveness, fears. HAARP can control our hunger, thirst, libido and sexual preferences. The weapon can successfully get us excited, sexually aroused or - vice versa - destroy our libido by making sexual intercourse harmful. HAARP is in charge of emitting sounds to our ears and head. If a person does not realize that HAARP has an impact on him, he will probably start acting against his will. He is governed by HAARP's remote control. This way it is easy to create murderers, homosexuals, workaholics, drug addicts. Thanks to the HAARP energy people cannot sleep for weeks on end. HAARP has a variety of possibilities at its disposal. Thus we should be very careful no to fall completely into line with HAARP and to become someone else. Now I am aware of HAARP and try to defend my freedom of conscience. I think it is important to ask myself each time if I want to do the good and if I react in accordance with human rules.
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