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Subject Black Op's took a Blood Sample from me - WTF?
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Original Message Many here know I was on the History Channels "UFO Hunters" where they proved I have a very rare Blood Anomaly/Bloodline and this was revealed on the episode I was on.

Not sure if this has anything to do with what I am about to share with you but I feel it must be connected.

I have shared much with you all here so let me share something that has just happened recently that is very disturbing to me on many levels.

I met this new Girl, She just moved to my area last October 2009 from Las Vegas she said.

I Met her at one of my Live music shows. We began hanging out and "seeing" each other.

1st off, Know she was a nurse in the Military for 12 Years.

Well the other night we were fooling around and let's just say I think she took a Blood Sample from me, we were kinda fooling around when I felt a sharp pain and I was like, whoaaa STOP, I am in pain here, Her response was very strange to me, she just said Shhhh, It's OK and starting kissing me again, I was like no wait a minute I'm not joking, I asked her if she had rings on or something because something happened and I thought perhaps I might even be Bleeding, Just to be clear, I'm talking about my Privates/package here, She continued on and I kinda forgot about it.

The next morning when we woke up I threw on some pants and I drove her home.

When I returned home and that is when I realized my underwear was soaked in Blood, I was like what the Fuck, The Bed had some Blood on it as well. They could have just asked me, That's a fun way to give a blood sample I guess but wtf

About a week & a half went by before I seen her again, I told her what happened and she fessed up right away. She actually caught me off guard, she admitted to everything.

When I asked her point blank if she took a blood sample, she said "Yes, your hard earned tax money being put to good use"

She said the device was a ring which had a hollow Labyrinth built into it's design in the shape of a heart which stores the blood, she showed me the ring.

She went on to tell me a lot about Labyrinth's and how her & I had to go through a Labyrinth, and that there are folks who actually are "guided" to build these Labyrinth. She told me the black Op's group she works for is very into creating Labyrinths?

I am still wondering if she was hinting she was from the Labyrinth Group/ACIO who's existance was revealed at the htpp://www.Wingmakers.com site, I think so.

She said they confirmed what they were looking for in my blood and said "Michael, you really are not going to have a choice, you are a breeder, you have to mate with another from my own bloodline" and that it would be arranged for me to meet my "Mate" in the future.

What the fuck is that about? I have no choice? Not that that doesn't sound fun but it raises many questions.

I asked her why my dick? WTF? just ask me if you need a blood sample, she said the penis skin is the thinist on the body, and she usually could pull this off undetected which I don't see how that would be possible but anyhow, She told me she is Military black Ops based out of Fort Bragg, NC operations. She wouldn't give up much info other than that.

I have not even looked up to see if Fort Bragg is in NC, I'll check here in a minute.

Anyhow, I have not heard from her since, I actually really liked her, we talked about about things I can't usually talk about so to say I am bummed, and horrified and curious is a understatement.

She said she would never hurt me and she was just doing what she was contracted for and she didn't think she would actually begin to have feelings for me but she did.

What are you thoughts? I am pissed and a little freaked out, perhaps I have been a little to vocal about my Bloodline?

I have not heard from her or seen her now for two weeks.


Anybody out there have some inside info on why they did this?

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