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Subject The Two Obama's. at least
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Original Message Tonight's Obama at the Correspondents Dinner is NOT the same man who made a live speech this morning to a mexican group.

Tonights has greyer LONGER hair of a different texture, a different voice (lower, I think the thinner shoulders I have mentioned before, but the padded suit jacket makes this hard to tell.

There have been lookalike and cloning games going on in this world since the 1970's. Jimmy Carter was cloned several times and several of them were made during his term with some "funny" results. I know age changes people, but if you look carefully at Carter now and the pics from the very beginning of his presidency, this is NOT the same man. Face is too long for starters.

There were Three Bushes running for election in 2004. I often saw two on the same day if more than one event was scheduled. A huge clue was the nose. One had a nice little nose, the other the larger partially "hooked' one were are used to looking at, and one had lopsided ears that were larger than the other one etc.

There were two McCains running on the Republican ticket too. Those of you who voted for him, which one did YOU vote for? did you have a choice? McCain #1 or #2?

This is NOT funny. Americans are incredibly deceived and we aren't the only ones. Somebody spotted two French presidents once, a look alike was on a boat with whoever here during a visit.

Reagan was killed and replaced. So was the last Pope. This is common. It is time to watch and become aware.

I am asking for a pin on this thread and it needs to stay pinned until several here spend some time observing this. I have posted on this on other threads already.

And another posted wondering why the Obama's voice was so different on the trip to Eqypt resently. One of the reasons for the cloning, is to provide doubles for big political stuff, in case there is risk of nepharious activity, thus keep the original, IF the original is still around, alive. Daddy Bush still has at least one living double.

A daddy Bush clone was poisoned in Japan during his presidency. Do any of you remember the story of his becoming ill at a state dinner there? Will he DIED but they had a convenient replacement for him.

The cloning labs under Camp David are now closed as all the others underground in this world by star fleet. I don't know if this copy is a synthetic, made by injecting the real Obama's DNA into a look alike plus some surgery,
or a clone created when Obama was cloned before the 2004 DNC when we found out he was going to be our next president. You all didn't elect this man fair and square, you were mind controlled to do so.

But I suspect this is a synthetic, because I see Arab hair showing on one of them, not negro hair.

Here is one link to read, I may have others someplace.
[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

Kissinger is a clone too. As are the many of the Rockefellers for a short list. So was Cheney. He died of heart trouble, and actually the current one is not a clone but a lookalike. Remember months ago when everyone was wondering where he was? Will his clone died and they kept quiet until they made a synthetic lookalike.
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