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Subject List of ufo crash sites
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Original Message I got a whole bunch of sites of UFO crashes , At most of these crashes they say there were "alien bodies or live ones"

got info written on the first one

1939-46 Spitzenbergen, NORWAY

Two of the cases based primarily on legend involve the same place, Spitzbergen, Norway, but these two cases have different dates, 1946 and 1952.

There is just not enough verifiable evidence to support either of these events, and here are the reasons;
1946 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The 1946 case, more than anything else, is memorable for its characters. The legend goes something like this; In 1946, General James H. Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the Shell Oil Company, supposedly to investigate the mystery of the “Ghost Rockets.” Why an oil company would investigate UFOs is beyond my understanding. Unless they felt they could strengthen their profits somehow.

Somehow, he supposedly wound up in Spitzbergen. There are a number of Internet sites which claim that there was a short lived article published in America of a UFO crash in the Norwegian city about this time. Some people claim to have seen the article. The really odd thing about the tale of this case is the question must be asked what does Doolittle have to do with anything, since he is only mentioned as being in the area, and that is the end of his involvement.

The only redeeming part of this particular case is that it was reported by Dorothy Kilgallen, celebrity for her years appearing on the “What’s My Line?” TV game show. She claimed that someone in the upper echelon of the British government informed her that a UFO had crashed near Spitzbergen,

4 July 1947 Roswell, NEW MEXICO 4 Bodies

13 Feb 1948 Aztec, NEW MEXICO 12 Bodies

7 July 1948 MEXICO So.of LAREDO TX 1 Body

1949 Roswell, NEW MEXICO 1 ET Living

1952 Spitzenbergen, NORWAY 2 Bodies

14 Aug 1952 Ely, NEVADA 16 Bodies

10 Sep 1950 Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO 3 Bodies

18 Apr 1953 S.W. ARIZONA No Bodies

20 May 1953 Kingman, ARIZONA 1 Body

19 June 1953 Laredo, TEXAS 4 Bodies

10 July 1953 Johofnisburg S.AFRICA 5 Bodies

13 Oct 1953 Dutton, MONTANA 4 Bodies

5 May 1955 Brighton, ENGLAND 4 Bodies

got alot more at

[link to godssecret.wordpress.com]
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