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Subject David Wilcock Sees Unprecedented Positive Events Unfolding Over the Coming Six Months
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Original Message [link to www.miraclesandinspiration.com]

Says Prophetic Dreams Are Pointing to Imminent Spectacular Changes for Humanity

News | September 20, 2009 | UPDATED: September 22, 2009 | UPDATED: October 1, 2009

Reported by Scott Mowry

Author, speaker and mystic, David Wilcock is offering a bountiful of new positive predications for humanity, based upon an endless stream of prophetic dreams that have been coming to him lately.

He has concluded that the world is about to witness one of the most unprecedented events ever for positive evolutionary change, in all of human history.

His latest prophecy began with a post on his web site on September 11, 2009, entitled, "Awesome New Disclosure Videos!" in which he stated:

"Humanity is at a critical turning-point, the likes of which few could ever imagine. Dream guidance has been increasingly insistent in telling me that a very substantial defeat of the New World Order / negative elite / Neocon faction is imminent much sooner than we may have thought, if we even dared believe it at all," he wrote.

"The full sequence of events may also include some form of official or semi-official public acknowledgement of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, which would certainly be a tremendous event probably the most substantial event in modern human history, at least since the founding of any of the major world religions," he continued.

Then, speaking on the Camelot Whistleblower radio program for September 17, 2009, with hosts, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, David made yet even more bolder statements.

"Everything that western civilization has ever been, at least in modern history, is building up to the moment that is going to occur sometime in the next six months or less," he proclaimed.

"I really can't stress enough that the number of dreams I have gotten on the impending event is probably five times greater than the number of dreams I got about 9/11," he added.

David Wilcock has long relied on his dream interpretations to provide him with guidance for future world events. And it should be noted he has created a stellar track record for his prognostications for over 17 years.

In 2001, mere days before the actual event took place, David had accurately prophesied the 9/11 catastrophe, which he then posted his predictions to his web site for confirmation. And earlier this year, his many prophetic dreams foresaw the death of Michael Jackson, as many as six weeks prior to that tragedy.

However, David is now referencing his most recent series of about fifty recurring dreams that are strongly indicating that we can expect an epochal event of a very positive, and not a negative nature to unfold for humanity. He cited other conformational evidence that is pointing to very similar conclusions.

"...the dream data has so much empirical support based both on articles we are finding and exposure from people on the inside... it is this massive combination of data that I am putting together, all of which is saying the same thing," he said on Camelot Whistleblower radio.

"I never had much this data on one event before," he surmised. "The basic message seems to be that legal and political maneuvers are now being made against these so-called New World Order groups," he said.

"What I am seeing is basically a very substantial defeat of the New World Order, which then will also eliminate their financial ability to harass disclosure groups. Disclosure is absolutely going to happen and is actually being planned, this all came to me in the last four or five days" he added excitedly about two key insiders who have recently stepped forward to provide him this information.

"The things that I have been hearing... it is just going to blow people's minds out of the water," he said confidently. "It is going to hit the public like nothing before. It is going to be amazing."

(See our David Wilcock Radio section for more information on the Camelot Whistleblower radio program from September 17, 2009.)

Then, two days later, appearing at the Awake & Aware in L.A. conference, in Los Angeles, California on September 19, 2009, David, yet again, repeated his assertions during a late evening panel discussion with other speakers.

"I have never, ever in my life had as many dreams about one upcoming future event as I have about what's going to happening in the near future," he reiterated.

He explained the world is undergoing a massive shift away from a patriarchal/masculine consciousness to that of a matriarchal/feminine or lunar consciousness.

"I am being guided as sternly as possible to be telling you that it appears that we are going to have a spectacular defeat of the New World Order and the Illuminati," he said yet again before the audience erupted in rapturous applause, drowning out his words.

He then went on to comment specifically about the world economic crisis and the recent decision by China to no longer honor derivative contracts from the United States and Federal Reserve as of August 31, 2009.

He predicted the corrupt, over inflated economic system currently in place, is about to undergo a radical transformation of its financial priorities, with pressures being exerted by an international alliance of countries.

"So imagine what would happen if your money was now worth 100 times more because the parasite that's been sucking all that money out of the system has now been defeated," he said enthusiastically.

"There is going to be a harrowing economic event, it is gong to seem terrifying if you come from fear," he cautioned. "I would encourage people to hold on to their assets, and not sell. Panic sell is the worst thing you can do," he stressed.

"...this thing (economic event) is going to rearrange the financial structures so much that I think the notion of value of your assets will be much, much higher (than they were before) when this thing gets through. I think it's going to happen a lot faster than we think," he added optimistically.

David then concluded with these most inspiring words:

"The amount of change that you are going to see in the next year is so spectacular, and so positive, that your cynicism probably won't allow you to really take it in. But trust me, and trust the data that we are starting to see, it is at least possible, if not probable, that is what's going to be happening," he said as yet more rapturous applause arose from the audience.

(To view David Wilcock's appearance on the Awake & Aware in L.A. panel discussion, see the links to the Project Camelot video archives below. His words above appear at the very end of Part 2 of the Panel of Speakers:)

Awake & Aware in LA - Panel of Speakers - Part 1
Awake & Aware in LA - Panel of Speakers - Part 2

Finally, on Sunday, September 20, 2009, David gave the closing speaker presentation at the Awake & Aware in L.A. conference with a lecture entitled, "2012: The Return to Camelot."

During this two-hour presentation, David proffered numerous hardcore scientific data and undeniable proof that an unparalleled awakening of humanity is unfolding upon Planet Earth. He made a very compelling case for the rapid human evolution and offered yet more confirming evidence to support his prediction of this seminal world event to occur within the next six months.

(To view David's presentation at the Awake & Aware in L.A. conference, "2012: The Return to Camelot", see the link or the video below:)

David Wilcock "2012: The Return to Camelot"

It should be noted that numerous other whistleblowers and insiders such as Benjamin Fulford, Dr. Pete Peterson, leading economists and others are predicting the collapse of the dollar and the Federal Reserve, possibly by the end of the fiscal year on September 30, 2009.

In addition, Congressman and former Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has introduced legislation (HR 1207) to audit the Federal Reserve, which is being supported by the Democratic contingent led by Congressman Barney Frank, who is considering opening hearings on this matter and has stated publicly the bill will pass in October. (Don't hold your breath, however, counting on this Congress to do anything of value at this late stage of the game.)

In conclusion, although the forecasts for a tumultuous economic collapse this year or in the near future remain to be seen, nonetheless, David Wilcock's latest set of very bold positive predictions have certainly ramped up the excitement and anticipation levels by a factor of ten!
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