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Subject The Swine Flu Vaccine is part of the NWO's Depopulation Plan
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Original Message 25 October 2009

This swine flu is just another creation as was AIDS a creation by mad scientists to fulfill the Illuminati New World Orderís depopulation plan led by Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, and Kissinger, and Charles, Prince of Wales, just to name a few.

Several years ago I heard how the C.I.A. offered to allow a crazy madman scientist to be given freedom from prison if he could create an incurable virus. He was given access to all he needed for this work and he thus created AIDS, an incurable virus even to this day. Well, they set him free and gave him a lot of gifts for doing this evil work.

So these madmen in the U.S. government placed this AIDS in needles that the perverts used around New York City, and an AIDS epidemic broke out. That was just a test. So next, the people in Somalia were given free Smallpox inoculations to eradicate Smallpox, but what the people did not know was that they placed this AIDS virus in these inoculations. So then the epidemic began across Africa where millions of people have died from AIDS.

The people behind this program were the people whose goal is to depopulate the Earth which is going on right now. Some of these evil men are Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, and Henry Kissinger, men of the Illuminati Masonic New World Order.

In Georgia State, U.S.A. you will find the Georgia Guidestones which show their plan for their New World Order and on it is written their goal to eliminate all but 500 million human beings allowed to remain upon the Earth of their choosing. So billions of people, men, women, and children, have to be eliminated one way or another.

That's why all these wars were created, to drastically eliminate most of the ever-growing world population, and also their promotion of abortions, where they have eliminated millions of babies to be born.

Then they conspired to use diseases to reduce the world population, so they used scientists to create new viruses. Then they introduced chemtrails from airplanes to dump all kinds of harmful substances to break down people's immune systems. They then put harmful substances into the food we eat and into the water we drink to break down our immune system still more.

Now they are set to really destroy billions of people with this swine flu which they created in laboratories. These evil people are in every country in high places, Ephesians 6:12, to force the people of this earth to take this evil manmade vaccine against God's Will. They say if you will not accept this vaccine, which is full of poisons, that you are breaking their law. So who do you trust, these men or Almighty God?

And we find out that when you are given this inoculation, there is a chip in it with the Mark of their beast with his number in it, 6-6-6. This whole thing is a lot of fabricated lies to get you to accept this untested vaccine. Do not do it. Trust only Almighty God to keep you healthy and alive.

It is as it is written, that to accept this swine flu inoculation is to accept their mark of their beast with his number in it, 6-6-6, or to be put in jail not accepting it their chip implant, even to be beheaded under their Noahide Law.

To be in Almighty God's Kingdom above, I learned from Him that less than 2% of real born-again believers in Christ Jesus as Lord will be saved as his very elect chosen and faithful who do keep His Commandments and have the faith of their Lord Jesus as Lord of their seventh Lord's day of rest which He kept as our best example in Matthew 7:17-19 and John 15:10; and we do as written in John 14:15 to 18.

So if we say we do love the Lord Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior and seek not to keep His commandments, pastor, brethren, then we're to be found as a liar on that broad path to Hell, Matthew 7:13, 1 John 2:4.

Repent now or join the over one billion Catholics who by their traditions show that they do not love Him keeping their sun god worship day Emperor Constantine gave them as an anti-Christ leader that he was.


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