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Subject Sarah's Nightmare
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Original Message Seems the technology is taking over.

No matter what egregious wrongs IBM did in the WWII camps they would like to do that wrong even better...

RFID on all things even the items you bring into your house.

RFID is BeReFT of magnets...sadly they will be shielded devices brought forth that will limit such magnetic anomalies...assured it is...

The days of T3,T2,T1 and I am not referring to processional spins...are upon us-the last days of "man" is before us and already aberrations are continuing to be brought forth.

The technology far outweighs mans small understanding-even the hidden technology-far surpasses our ability to CONtrol it.

As I have said many times once they get whatever HR####)dial a number is the game THEY play) for healthcare is all set to EXPAND THE RFID utilization-all health information, all financial data, all LEGAL and philosophical beliefs will be contained. They will claim it helps security and to protect data and assure many of false HOPE as it will be HYPE...

Implanting this kind of thing in the body is OBSCENE and will cause health problems, adhesions, scarring, heat generated-they will say it is usually off unless it is powered up by the reader...false sense of safety will prove FALSE/FALSCH in all ways. In fact few are aware of the UPC being the BAR being the CONTROL with the 3 sixes hidden by bar width-all of them have it....ALL-and within many houses the RFID is being tracked through the wrappers on your cans or an RFID attached...whether you can find it or not...ALL PRODUCTS...with NAIS it will extend to all farm animals or husbandry aspects, including pets and the ULTIMATE GOAL IS AND WILL BE HUmans...all owing allegiance to a system that will be required to buy or sell-and prone to ENFORCEMENTS via CREDITS...carbon tax to milk bought to egg laid by hen.

WHOSE PET WILL YOU CONSENT TO BE???Food and water are excellent motivators...monSATAN knows this...CODEX is their baby

MAV, Sensory weapons of ALL KINDS-capable to drive one insane are well understood as Dr Jose Delgado and his docile BULL...from the minute steps to the titan technology that cannot be controlled.

I have more naturally but as powers and principalities strive to obstruct beyond reason I will post and continue.

BIG DOGS roam and each day they are closer to the movies many have seen...terminator FRANKEN SCIENCE is taking over-soon the calls will be made by AI not man-as he is already being overwhelmed and not to his enhancement as it will be sold but to his demise, be assured this is not a game regardless of how they play it-but very real and your mind is on the line but more importantly your very soul-
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