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Subject South American UFO Wave[ Argentina suffered a blackout and a huge 'mothership' was seen in the skies. In Lima, hundreds observed seven unkno
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Original Message Michael Cohen of All News Web writes about a mass wave of UFO sightings taking place across South America, including Argentina, Peru, and Chile. Reportedly the town of Salta, Argentina suffered a blackout and a huge 'mothership' was seen in the skies. In Lima, hundreds observed seven unknown aerial objects. More, including video

[link to www.allnewsweb.com]

A wave of mass UFO sightings across South America is currently occurring, leaving bewildered witnesses wondering if indeed beings from other worlds might be visiting Planet Earth. Stunned residents of towns and villages across Argentina, Peru and Chile as well as other nations have seen multiple objects ranging from ‘mother ships’ to ‘Cigar-shaped’ crafts over the last week alone. In at least one case a power outage accompanied such an event.
The event receiving the most publicity occurred in Salta, Argentina where at 2am on November 27 the city plunged into complete darkness as it suffered a total electrical failure. Phones stopped working and even taps ran dry. Allegedly intense heat engulfed the town and a huge ‘mother ship’ type UFO was seen above the town studded with flashing lights.
It is claimed that the town electricity failed at the moment the UFO was seen to pass over the power plant. Hundreds of individuals witnessed this craft. UFO researchers and government authorities have descended on the area to investigate this incredible occurrence.
In Lima, Peru hundreds of witnesses also observed, in amazement, at least seven seemingly other-worldly craft moving across the skies above their city. However some witnesses and UFO researchers have suggested that these might have been air balloons.
In the town of Iquique in Chile a bizarre, glowing, multicoloured, cylindrical object was seen by residents last Friday. This object was also observed by dozens of locals who saw it vanish above cloud cover after moving over the city for at least half and hour.
Finally, earlier in the month a UFO was seen by thousands of pilgrims to a spot where an apparition of The Virgin Mary is believed to have taken place. The UFO was filmed in this case and handed over to investigators but has not been made public.
These astonishing events have been picked up by local media outlets whose journalists are asking the question: Has first contact with aliens begun?
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