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Subject The Bardo. The Ultimate 'why are we here?' thread.
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Original Message Can anyone expand on this topic?
It's pasted from another thread, but the post was off topic so here is it's own thread to discuss.
I am curious of others opinion on the experience of dying, the afterlife, the river of forgetfulness, reincarnation and the lessons of life.
The Ultimate why are we here thread.

I got a question. Off topic but curious.
Does the christian faith allow for a soul to journey through a series of learning lessons?
Or do you get just one shot at it and if ya get it wrong you are doomed?
I'm not asking this of muslims coz a muslim ain't the poster. So I guess I'm asking your take on it TXGal.

Good question. We have all of our lives to make the "right" choice. If you ask, what about a child who dies adn didn't have a choice, well then, they are immediately taken up to God himself. I know that may sound crazy, even sometimes when I think about it, it sounds crazy, but that's the way it is.

OK thanks TXGal.
I've had a bit to do with religion, and also believing in Jesus. I have stepped away from it because something wasn't sitting well with me. And that's just me. Whats right for you is OK.
I have looked (not delved) into another prayer medium, and read books written by masters that have practiced this spirituality for thousands of years.
The after life of which they speak is called the Bardo, in which the 'time' spent there is both forever and nothing (my take on that is time and space are one and the same as well as being different-woo woo :) ) and they speak about jesus being a higher being (spirit) that will guide you through this Bardos. And that's a good thing.
Basically they say that prayer is meditation, and within all of us lays heaven and hell.
Just in writing this, and reflecting, it would appear what is being said is that meditating on the afterlife, to your spirit (Jesus) will allow your soul not to spend the afterlife in eternal damnation.
It then goes deeper and explains what happens after that point.
Apparently there is more to it than simply escaping the experience of 'a hell'.
I'm starting to realise that the whole point of life is to prepare for death, but death is not the point of living.
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