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Subject How to identify a Satanic infiltrator in a Church
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Original Message Years before I got involved in spiritual warfare, I was a minister in a home church that ministered to hard core sinners. I wanted the worse of the worse to teach the deeper aspects of the Christian life to ; so that they too could find release from heavy bondage to sin. I did this under the belief that "sinners make the very best Christians".

During my years of ministry, I ministered to homosexuals living with AIDS; Prostitutes, Drug addicts, and Generational Satanist that were trying to escape the abuse of the occult and of their covens.

This presented it's own set of pecularities, like demon possession. I didn't have anyone who could counsel me on how to counsel to others, so I had to get on my knees and get my answers to how to minister to such from the Lord Himself.

As I began to be proficiant in deliverance ministry, I then tried to "disciple" those who I helped to be delivered from the occult by taking them to my conservative Baptist Church that I attended. But one Sunday, I had this one young lady get aggitated during the service, then she became scared, finally she got up and ran out of the service never to return again.

After two weeks of trying to find this girl I finally was able to set up a meeting by a mutual friend who had oridinally invited her to our group. As I asked her why she ran out, she was shaking like a leaf, and what she told me ran through me like a cold steel sword to my heart.

"The most powerful Satanist in town are at your church...and they are running it." "And they recognized me, and I them, and if I go back to Church with you I will be in danger and they will kill me." This was the greatest shock of my life. I had no idea that the conservative Baptist church that was the flag ship of the bible fellowship that it represented had become infiltrated by a group of Satanist, let alone were running the thing. I had to do some research, and sure enough, the girl was correct. And, they weren't just in my church, they were in every Church.

These are a few things that I discovered that one may use in identifying these infiltrators. They are crafty and they are able to hide very well but these things will help you in discovering what took my by surprise; but let me fore warn you, once your eyes are opened, you will never be the same again. So let us begin...
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