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Subject new marlboro "special blend" cigs... i wonder what's so "special" about them?
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Original Message so i went to a convenience store yesterday and they were out of my standbys (marlboro no.27's) but the guy told me they had marlboro 'special blends' which i hadn't heard of before. curiosity got the better of me and i picked up a few packs.

aside from tasting like shit, there's not that much special bout them. i don't feel any different after having smoked nearly a pack. i pulled an all-nighter, though that's not abnormal for me. but the name is totally sketchy now that i think of it. special blend. hah. god only knows what's in them. the nanobots could be colonizing my lungs as we speak!rolleyes

before you all flame me about smoking (yes i can see the 'you're so young' crap bombarding this thread already) i am trying to quit. these special blends are disgusting enough to make me want to. but i've got my eye on a gal and i don't think she digs smokers. she's a catch, so i would chose her over the smokes any day. also, the government is making shitloads of money off me! wouldn't that be great if i quit and the gov't went broke? hehe.

anyway i just felt like sharing, if you have any ideas about what i could be inhaling, or if you have tried them yourself feel free to post. please don't criticize my decision to smoke unless you have something constructive to say!
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