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Stewart Swerdlow Interview UFO Conspiracy

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United States
02/28/2010 02:39 PM
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Stewart Swerdlow Interview UFO Conspiracy
Mabus Incarnate Exclusive Interview w/ Stewart Swerdlow February 28th 6pm E Interviewed by Jeffery Pritchett & Audience Only at [link to www.MabusIncarnate.com]

A gifted medical intuitive, Stewart Swerdlow is a clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. His great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather helped form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s. To ensure that his loyalties stayed with the US government, he was "recruited" for specific government mind-control experiments which enhanced his natural abilities.

He spent years in service to various US and foreign government agencies and special interest groups. His mind and body were used for genetic and mind-control experiments which led to severe illness, broken relationships, and premature Kundalini activation. After several years of deep self-analysis, Stewart merged with higher levels of his multidimensional self, which saved his life. Stewart has authored and co-authored with his wife, Janet, several books and lectures worldwide for a variety of groups, organizations, and large corporations.

Author of Montauk: The Alien Connection and many other books. Which reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist who was born clairvoyant but haunted by strange time-space scenarios. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart met Nichols and discovered his own role in time travel experiments, known as the Montauk Project. After refusing to break his association with Nichols, Stewart was incarcerated by the authorities but the truth began to reveal itself. Struggling for his life, Stewart used his mental abilities to overcome the negative influences surrounding him and ultimately discovered the highest common denominator in the alien equation -- an interdimensional language which communicates to all conscious beings.

Technical: To be a part of this event simply go to our home page [link to www.MabusIncarnate.com] You will automatically be put into the Chat Room. No need to sign up or anything like that to be involved unless of course you would like to come mingle with us on our forum to discuss many great topics. The Audience is also welcome to ask questions in an orderly fashion which will be moderated.