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Message Subject "Nibiru" on Google Earth?
Poster Handle EnemyofMan
Post Content
no, the sumerians called it Nibiru for a reason

wormwood is a mistranslation


I could care less what the sumerian called it I'll take the big guys word over over you sumo chumps anyday

God doesn't speak english, Jesus spoke aramaic

if you said Nibiru he'd probably understand

wormwood sounds gay anyways




Jesus sure as hell didn't speak Sumerian or whatever their language was called considering their Civilization predates Jesus a few thousand years.

But then again depending on what you've read 'The Anointed One' probably goes back to then as well.

yeah but aramaic probably sounds more sumerian than english does

go up to jesus and speak in strange tongues(english) and scream wormwood, he bitch slap both of your cheeks!

if you said Nibiru he might have heard it from a sumerian wise man:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 906335

Uhh...The Anointed One would know exactly what I would be saying considering he is the Anointed One.
Come the fuck on. iamwith
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