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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Palai Lama
Post Content
Thought-Bird Song
in sumarian

Enaji o J tumba
Reset-il a baragey
So tem responde
Sol tu detum
Som ambto site
Curiabus ta

Fra maronde taba
Usa filnoberi
Java sumbarabi
Lito tu sumba.
Gravi tumari
Silvo un domartum
Ilna sevento marro
Il no barijeti. Tu a
Me atum.

Sal Fra tambo
Til sa framago
Ta to tum
Ilna illita. Reumbra
Framago. Tiombreaggo
Te mon de.
Ilno tomage.

Ra bing tomage zee.
Lin deova
Lin framadeo
Te olage. Framage
Tu amba.

Jo solaris nefti
E O responde heri.
Fromage. Tu um tomorro
De a linagu frimba
Tal toss severage ne
Ne ray o marro
Ti a bra

So jari ne remarro
Severandi newmarro
Fra to tiara. Umbarge
Desta. Nea desta.
Nea tumbo.
Tel to neambo
Desta mora.

In english

The birds outside my window
Are your thoughts sent to me
They come flying; fledglings.
I feed them bread crumbs
So they do not go hungry,
Then they perch on the tree branch
With beaks open, singing:

We come from the nest
Of yesterday and tomorrow.
God bless our journey.
We have flown from the inside
To the outside
World of your knowledge.
The cage door is wide open.
We burst out singing.
We fill all the treetops.

Splendid and glowing.
Tiny as tree bells
We dance on the tree branches
Night and day always.
Listen to us. Feed us.
We are your thoughts winging
Out of the nest of the birth-cage
Into summer and winter.
We perch on the branches
Of the minutes and seconds.
Our song is your heartbeat.
We move with your pulses.
You send us out perfect and shining,
Each living and different
To populate your kingdom.
We sing outside your window
And line up on the rooftops.

Separate and knowing
We peer through the branches,
Surveying the inner
Land of enchantment,
The skyless and timeless
World of our birth.

We fly from our perches
Back and forth to our first nest,
Vanishing inside
The cage of your head,
Then we fly out again
And sing at your window
While you feed us bread crumbs
From your hand.
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