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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Know that Tiamat seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united to the Lower, then a New Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall be made whole, and the Waters will be as One"

And a man may cry out, what have I don't, and my generation that such evil shall befall me? And it mean nothing, save that a man, being born, is of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder Gods breathed into him. And his body goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder Gods, and this is the War which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the World is unnatural. When the Great KUTULU rises up and greets the Stars, then the War will be over, and the World be One.

We are the product of that dynamic balance, thus we have our(limited) free will that they don't really have .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 871439

Yeah it's coming....
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