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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle starcharter
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why would the maitreya spend hours on an internet conspiracy site trying to convince others of who he is?

I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, I come here for hours because I like GLP, It's the only place I have found where i can talk with like minded individuals.

I do not talk to anybody really about any of this in my personal life because i just can't, where do you even start you know?
 Quoting: Michael Lee Hill

I know what you mean Michael. Most of those I run into during the course of my day do not understand this world, it's like everyone is sleepwalking or on autopilot. Sometimes in conversation with a group of people, I'll drop a certain comment in passing, just to see if anyone there "picks it up". In fact most of my friends today are because of this method of meeting others with like mind.
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