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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Michael Lee Hill
Post Content
You have no positive message that I can discern. It really is all about you. Strange.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 317023

Here is my positive message.

It`s not to hard to figure out we are living in special times, and our world and world views are changing at an unprecedented rate. The theory is that we are in preparation for a shift in consciousness.

This Transition or shift process is called Ascension which can be thought of as the evolution of consciousness. This event is tied to the Earth`s astronomical cycles and this is why tracking the Earth`s "Processional Cycle" was so important to previous civilizations on Earth.

At the end period of the Earth`s 27,000 year "Processional Cycle," which ends in 2012, the Earth`s magnetic field declines. As Earth`s magnetic field declines and the Earth`s resonant base frequency increases, humanity begins to experience it`s own mental energy with less and less of a time lag. Our collective and individual realities are created from our own thoughts and the Earth`s magnetic field acts sort of like training wheels for our consciousness. The stronger the Earth`s magnetic field, the more of a time lag there is between thought and the manifestation of thought.

During the shift, ALL consciousness moves up a rung on the ladder of consciousness, this cycle usually ends in massive Earth changes, very unusual weather patterns, earthquakes, floods leading up to what scientists are calling a Pole Shift where Earth's crust actually slips and the poles relocate to the equator. This is what has happened the last 5 times but I am told this will not happen this time! But there will be many Earth changes as the planet gets into the best position for it`s ascension. Yes, the Earth itself is ascending also.

Our physical 3rd dimensional reality can be thought of as a school of sorts, for the soul to learn to use mental energy in a responsible way. Your beliefs (belief = thoughts, feelings, & emotions) create your reality.

In higher realms of consciousness there is no time lag between the thought and the experience of that thought, so you can understand why it is so important to get a grip on your mental processes. If you harbor any negativity or fear, you will just create those situations endlessly, but there are always guides to help you out of your self-created prison. Nobody is ever left behind. All get it eventually, but in their own way and their own time.

I believe our current civilization is on the right path. Sure, things look pretty ugly out there, but there are a lot of different level souls manifested here and some still harbor much fear. They will soon get a crash course on love. Humans are really only capable of two pure emotions, Love & Fear, and we are able to experience both to whatever level we choose.

Be mindful of where you place your thoughts, because there is a direct correlation between what you think and what you experience as your normal everyday physical reality & personal life, they are one in the same. We do not observe reality, we are interacting with it.

FrozenThought could be thought of as a spiritual concept. The theory is that particles exist whose vibrations are faster than OUR speed of light. These particles when slowed to OUR speed of light solidify into what we perceive as physical matter. much in the same way water goes through Phase changes from a gas into a Liquid, then into a Solid.

The slowing down of this faster-than-light light particle is controlled by our own consciousness. Whatever you concentrate on, or focus on, determines the reality you perceive. Therefore, the universe can be literally thought of as your own thought, frozen into physical matter, pure divine energy transformed into physical reality. A universe faithfully and lovingly mirroring back to you whatever your own thoughts and beliefs are about it, regardless of which polarity your current beliefs fall into, Fear or Love.

This explians why Many peoples Prayers are not Answered, They Pray "Concentrate" on the Wrong thing, If you sent out the message to the Universe "I need Money", What you get is the expeirence of "Wanting Money"

If you Pray for Patience, All you will get is life situation after life situalion that tries your Patience.

The only "Real" Prayer in GOD"S eyes is "GRADITUDE"


Put a Prayer of GRATITUDE and THANKSGIVING for the things you have been blessed with in your life right NOW, Put that out to the Universe and see what manifests in your life in the near FUTURE.

This truth has been there all along, in plain view. It`s what all the great spiritual leaders, mystics, and sages down through the ages have been telling us. Consciousness creates reality. It`s what quantum physics tells us. It`s what channeled ET & what higher consciousness material such as "The Seth Material" tells us, It's what recent films such as "What The Bleep" and "The Secret" tells us,hell, it`s what Yoda said!

It would then be of great benefit & value to actually think about what you are thinking about. Learn to change your thought, learn to change your reality. Learn to become aware of what you are thinking. Then always choose the highest thought, anything else just leads back into the illusion. It is the path out of fear & darkness.

I have heard it said that the reason the Mayans vanished in our recent past is because they knew mankind was entering into a Dark age so they decided to vacate during this time period.

What is a Dark Age, what did the Mayans know that we don't?

I believe a dark age is a time period when all of the Fear&Doubt had to be brought to the surface of humanity so it could be cleansed and healed BEFORE 2012.

All of mankinds nightmares would come true so they would have the chance to be healed by choosing LOVE over FEAR.

Emotions have energy, an Electro Magnetic reality and are broadcast out into the universe just like you were a Radio station broadcasting a signal.

Energy can't be created or destroyed, It can only be transmuted into a higher or lower state of itself.

So how do you Transmute a negitive thought form?

By living it.

This was done by help from "higher powers" in service to humanity.

Imagine them as Agents in the Matrix Movie...


When these beings detect "Fear" in the mass consciousness, they enter the Matrix to make sure you experience your own fear to whatever depth you will allow it.

Can you imagine a worse Job in all of Creation?

For a being of pure Light & Love to have to make sure every Nightmare and darkness within humanities deepest hidden area's were brought forth into your reality so they could be healed??

This most recent Dark Age time frame has now ended and we are entering into a Golden Age of Love and Light from the Creator.

Imagagine that, No more having your Fears enhanced by cosmic forces?

Now these same being can enter the Matrix and create Event strings that manifest love in everybodies realities instead of Fear.

We are here to become conscious co-creaters with All That Is. Once you change one thought and experience first-hand that your reality does actually change, there is no going back. And that is a truth nobody can ever take from you. A truth that comes from inside, no books, or religions

Michael Lee Hill
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