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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Michael Lee Hill
Post Content
I have met the Anunnaki face to face, And that happened when I had no idea who the Anunnaki even were. My belief in the Anunnaki has NOTHING to do with anybodies books, it's from personal contact.


If you met Annunaki face-to-face then you would know that Enki is reincarnated now without being an Annunaki with wings anymore. why? Cause that fucker is a power hungry asshole who keeps claiming he's God. Enki is evil Michael. He was even in the 8th gate of hell. He ruled a section in Hell he's so evil. I doubt seriously you have met annunaki face-to-face in person. If you did you are chasing fallen demons who are liars because I met Enki and he does nothing but treat people like science projects. He works in the government. He's the epitome of evil to me. You think Enki is just this nice round-about guy who helps and does all good? You are so delusional. He's this power hungry money grubbing dick. Think of the 7 deadly sins Michael. Enki lives them out on a daily basis.

Eve, I have spoken to you and told you from day one that you have the facts wrong because I am ENKI incarnate. You told me then your thoughts and berated me and called me every name in the book.

I am very sorry you have had such a rough life but your hatefull beliefs will become manifest in your own relaity.

God is nothing But love and I wish you well.


You cannot really believe this do you?
It seems to me Michael that you are in that phase who many on your path pass soon or late, and is a difficult one on wich a lot get lost and few come back sane..
Try not to fantasize to much not everything that you imagine or believe to be true is necessairly so.
And if somone is telling you these lies then avoid them.

just my 2c

 Quoting: GONG

I understand what you are saying. Your words are very wise.
All these labels of past "personalities" almost seem to take on about the same meaning as saying you are the easter bunny.

All that matters is you live your life with as little FEAR as possible and realize we are all divine and blessed to be here.

Am I Enki? Ea? Whatever? What does it even matter?

I can tell you I am a guitar playing, What I will be playing my guitar, that is what brings bliss into my reality.

THat's it. No Spititual leader shit at all, I will talk to anybody through about spiritual matters, I will nevr Teach anybody, I would like to talk with as many people as possible.

That is all I have ever wanted. And who my higher self is does not really matter then does it? I am going through this life as Michael now and I love it.

I hope this is making sense.


Regardless of labels & Whatnot.
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