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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Michael Lee Hill
Post Content
Am I Enki? Ea? Whatever? What does it even matter?

I can tell you I am a guitar playing, What I will be playing my guitar, that is what brings bliss into my reality.

THat's it. No Spititual leader shit at all, I will talk to anybody through about spiritual matters, I will nevr Teach anybody, I would like to talk with as many people as possible.

That is all I have ever wanted. And who my higher self is does not really matter then does it? I am going through this life as Michael now and I love it.

I hope this is making sense.

This finally makes sense. You can teach someone how to play guitar instead .


As you know what music really is. :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 871439

Indeed hf

I like to say the universe is being sung into existence
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