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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Eve_4000Bc
Post Content
I am not so concerned or focused on that any longer, What it is it is. I really am starting to just focus on being the best Michael I can be, Regarless of whoever I was in past & other reincartions, I am Michael Lee Hill now and now is the only thing that's real. Right now in the moment I am nameless.

 Quoting: Michael Lee Hill

I can respect that. Michael, seriously when and if the government and even Annunaki in the 'flesh' come to you in public and they bug the shit out of you by telling you who you are then you will finally have a name. If those blood work papers you took a picture of is yours and they say you don't have human blood then I have full faith you are part of some sort of ET bloodline from our ancestors whom mixed with pre historic women. I wish on many days I wasn't Eve because I keep getting reminded a prophecy that's horrific and bad is going to happen to me. When that day comes and I stand before the council and other people wanting me to burn then I swear to you Michal I will embellish any girl in the crowd screaming she's EVE because I want to jump off and let her go on ahead and be EVE. I didn't ask to have that tragic past nor to be judged in my other lives like now and to slowly be pulled by my nose to fullfill a sick and twisted prophecy. Be happy you're not Enki. Be happy you have the DNA you have now and are nameless. That's a beautiful thing.
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