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Message Subject Maitreya - Enki - The Unknown American TV Interview - Lake Erie UFO's - Preparing The Way
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We are projected through this matrix of 12 archetypes, i.e. Zodiac constellations.

Well of the last 2000 years unknowingly to many, there are 13 archetypes.

Plus 2000 yrs ago, man fixed the zodiac like a calendar, the problem with that is the zodiac changes with time. 80% of astrology sites give the wrong birth signs. Astronomy is the key today to knowing a true birth sign, there are Ophiuchus' out there and they dont even know they are such.

Interesting Ophiuchus is symbolized by a man holding a snake, There is much said about a sepent race, perhaps this is where they come from. I have no clue, I just looked up the word Ophiuchus and found this out.

Do you know anything about this?
 Quoting: moreone

Ive read many things, is there truth to any of it IDK.

I know that the sun rises in Ophiuchus towards the very end of Nov. until about Dec. 17th/18th...I could get better dates if you want specific. This also means that all other signs have changed in that their time of the sun in the sky each year varies over time.

But it is clear to astronomy, that if we are viewing the sun and sky from Earth, that the sun signs change over time due to our wobble.

If it is true that signs are what we project through...I think we need to know where the sun is really at when one is born...and not where the sun would of been a couple thousand years ago.

There are all sorts of videos about Ophiuchus. I look at it as the time of choice or ones who will hold a vibration leaning towards defiantly positive or defiantly negative. They hold the vibration for others to make a choice...do we handle the snake and tame chaos...or do we release the snake, releasing chaos.

But archetypes are personal to every one...so what it truly feels to another can be something totally different to someone else.

Some will say its the coming of Satan, some will say its the healer.
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